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5 Question Friday With Stephanie Anne Johnson From The Voice!


Welcome To 5 Question Friday. On Fridays I ask five questions of a Tacoma local. This week’s participant is Stephanie Anne Johnson. If you’re a frequent viewer of The Voice on NBC her name might sound familiar.

I’ve known Stephanie for many, many years. In addition to being enormously talented, she’s also just an awesome person. I consider her a good friend who I rarely see. Now that she’s on national television, I expect that’s going to be even truer. But she was nice enough to take time out to answer five questions for the return of 5 Question Friday. Here’s Stephanie:

1. What made you decide to go on The Voice?

I chose The Voice because I was very attracted to the concept of not being judged on outside appearance. I like to think that the best parts of me aren’t parts you can see with the naked eye.

2. What has been the most surprising thing about this experience so far?

For some reason I expected this process to be easier because I’ve had years of training and experience. I thought that might give me an edge over other contestants but none of that really seems to matters. It all comes down to how you sound on that particular song on that particular day.

3. What’s something you haven’t done yet with your music career that you’d like to do?

Please, I’m an animal. I want to do everything. I want Broadway. I want the West End. I want to travel land and sea playing songs I wrote. I want Grammy’s. I want to play college campuses, concert halls and your living room. I’m rather zealous about performing if you couldn’t tell. But basically I just want to travel and sing and continue to pay my bills with the fruits of my rocking.

4. Who are some of your other favorite local acts?

Ummm, well, I really like Steve Stefanowicz. His fingers are positively educated, great guitar and mandolin player! He played lead on my last record. Bill Leach out in that Auburn area, guitar player, gear head, brilliant producer/engineer. Zach Fleury is awesome, he was the lead percussionist on my 2nd record. I hear good things about Ben Union. Ethan Tucker and his band are awesome. Allen Stone I love. The Head and the Heart. Kim Archer knows her stuff really well. She’s mentoring this group called the Whoppie Cats, nice girls, great vocals, great slide guitar. Billy Shew, Junkyard Jane, Bennet Pullen, Eric Robert, Raphel Tranquilino, Mighty High, Kareem Kandi, Gina Belleveau, James Coats, Kurt Lindsey not to mention Vicci Martinez, Emily Randolph or Austin Jencks. And don’t think I couldn’t go on. Basically there’s a lot of good live music in your house. Get out of your house right now and find some good music. Go, go right now!

5. What are your plans after The Voice?

I want to put a small three or four piece together and I want to travel within the US playing small house concerts. I like the connection I can make with people I might not otherwise meet if not for the music. I like an audience I can touch and feel and listen to. However, keeping my earlier comments in mind, this is only the beginning.

I wish Stephanie the best of luck on The Voice and her future endeavors and would like to publicly thank her for taking the time to join me on 5 Question Friday.

If you know someone who you would like to join me on 5 Question Friday, let me know at jackcameronis@gmail.com

–          Jack Cameron

5 Question Friday With Tacoma’s Vicci Martinez From The Voice!

Vicci Martinez

Photo Courtesy of Hurricane of Lions Photography

Tacoma has always had a good music scene, but more often than not, musicians from Tacoma will make it big and will inevitably be linked to Seattle. Not so, with Vicci Martinez. A proud Tacoma native, Vicci recently hit the national spotlight in a big way on NBC’s The Voice. She was one of the final four on the show. And when she didn’t win, many thought she was robbed. Then again, as people like Clay Aiken, Jennifer Hudson and Chris Daughtry can tell you, you don’t have to win these shows to make it big.

This week, Vicci Martinez was nice enough to participate in 5 Question Friday.

1. What made you decide to try out on The Voice?

My gut told me this was going to be something different, and I needed to quit being scared and take the risk. I didn’t want people to be upset I was doing a reality show, singing covers blah blah, but I did it anyway, and what I have learned…your path is your path and don’t ever care what people think…because that’s when you stop living!

2. Where is your favorite place in Tacoma to sing and why?

I love a good old Jazzbones show! Good friends. Good times

3. How has Tacoma influenced your career?

Tacoma definitely grounds me.

4. There are a lot of indie local bands in the Tacoma area. Could you tell us some of your favorites?

I am a fan of Aaron Stevens and Goldfinch!

5. What’s next for you after The Voice?

working working working…. 🙂

I want to thank Vicci Martinez for taking the time with me to do 5 Question Friday.

As always, if you think you or someone you know would like to participate in 5 Question Friday, email me at jackcameronis@gmail.com  

You can find all things Vicci Martinez at her site: viccimartinez.com 

Finally, below is one of my personal favorites of Vicci’s

-Jack Cameron