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Tacoma Stories…Behind Bars

I was recently contacted by someone named Chris Salcedo. He’s heading up a new website for people who have been incarcerated in the Pierce County Jail. And he needs your help. – Jack

Here’s Chris:

If you ask somebody in the Pierce County Jail whether they are guilty or innocent you are likely to get only one answer. If you ask those same inmates how to avoid trouble behind bars you will also get one answer (and this one will be the truth!): “Mind your own business!”

Seriously though, going to jail is a fact of life for a lot of people. Some are criminals, others made pretty minor bad decision and yet others are innocent of the charges they are being held on. A new website dedicated to sharing real information about the Pierce County Jail shares interviews from people who have done time in the jail.

We are currently looking for more stories to improve the quality and quantity of information available on the site. The site is helpful to those headed to jail, those with a loved one behind bars or people who just want to know what life in the big house is really like.

One of the main purposes of the site is to debunk a lot of myths propagated by the media about jail life. Most people don’t realize, for instance, that violence is pretty rare in county jails (it is much more common in prison). Did you realize that walking 56 laps in the day room is equivalent to walking a mile? If you like eating breakfast at 4:30 AM you will be right at home in the Pierce County Jail.

If you have been in the jail or know somebody who has head over to the site and submit your story (the link is on the top right-hand side of the site). Together we can make this an invaluable resource for people living in Tacoma!