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5 Question Friday With Fingerprint Confections’ Clay Richart

I first met Clay Richart about ten years ago when we both worked at Amazon.com. He’s a fairly laid back guy with an incredible music collection. We got along well. Thanks for Facebook, we’re still in touch. Since then he’s moved on to bigger and better things much like I have. The big difference being that he’s making candies with bacon in them and he has an Awesome mustache. Since five questions about a mustache would be somewhat dull, I decided I’d ask him about Fingerprint Confections, the new candy business he’s started with his wife, Holly. 

1. How did you and your wife start Fingerprint Confections?

I came across spicy candied Bacon through a friend of Holly. You dredge Bacon in sugar and chili pepper, and bake it. It comes out all candy coated and amazing.
We were making this like all the time, kids parties, afternoon snacks, you name it… I was commenting on how we needed a different delivery method for this flavor, and the wife mentioned candy.

2. What varieties have you made so far?

Well, Bacon was the first. After much insistence from Holly and her friends – I made my first batch of sea salt. I used Morroccan at first, now I use my own blend of 3 different French sea salts in all of the flavors. So aside from Bacon and sea salt the other flavors are:
-Caramel Loves Coconut
-Caramel Loves Lavender
-Caramel Loves Gingerbread

3. What’s your most memorable moment so far in this enterprise?

Some of the most memorable moments are really hard to remember. We have pulled a few all night scrambles to put the finishing touches on some special orders. I really like that Holly and I are able to collaborate in a way that we really never had before.

4. Where can people get your candies?

Well up until really recently, we were bootleggers – so you either had to know us, or someone we knew. Now we have opened it up a bit more. We have a FB page, just search for “Fingerprint Confections”, and we are just getting our website together: fingerprintconfections.com

5. What’s next for Fingerprint Confections?

Total global confection domination.

I’d like to thank Clay for taking the time to participate in 5 Question Friday and for making one more thing with bacon in it, though honestly, I like the sea salt ones better.

As always, if you or anyone you know would like to participate in 5 Question Friday, email me at jackcameronis@gmail.com