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13th Tacoma Homicide of 2020: David Eugene Johnson

In the first hours of Saturday, June 6th, police received calls of shots fired in a parking lot in the 5500 block of South Washington Street. There was a small crowd of people there when they arrived. Twenty-eight year old David Eugene Johnson was in the crowd. He’d been shot. He died shortly after they arrived becoming the thirteenth Tacoma homicide of 2020.

Though the crime was months ago, I was able to find very little about the events or aftermath of this homicide. It was also difficult to get much of any information about David as his name is about as common as my own.

Just a couple of years ago twelve homicides would have been our total for the year. Now we reach that in half the time. As of this writing, David’s murder remains unsolved and the details of his death remain sketchy.

As always, the comments section is moderated and reserved for those who knew David and who want to share thoughts or memories of him. If you have a photo of David Eugene Johnson that you’d like me to include with this article, email me at jackcameronis@gmail.com.