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5 Question Friday With Poison Apple’s Jooley Heaps

Photo of Jason McKibbin & Jooley Heaps in front of Poison Apple

Owners Jason McKibbin & Jooley Heaps in front of Poison Apple

Last year Jooley Heaps was nice enough to participate in 5 Question Friday to talk about her store, Box Top Vintage, a vintage clothing store in downtown Tacoma. Box Top is no more but in its place is Poison Apple. I stopped by her shop a couple weeks ago and invited her again to let us know what she’s up to these days and how her new business is different from previous endeavors.  If you haven’t been to Poison Apple, you’re missing out, but I’ll let Jooley tell you about it.

1. What is Poison Apple?

Poison Apple is a different take on what I was successful with through Box Top Vintage. Vintage clothing was starting to become lackluster for me and I enjoyed selling novelties, retail, art and super fun stuff more. I teamed up with Jason McKibbin (who I’ve known for 20 years) and made it more pop culture with my items as well as comic books, action figures, cool dvds, music, etc.

2. How is it different from your old shop, Box Top Vintage?

What’s different is the store makes more sense than Box Top. Box Top was all over the place. Things are more organized, the paint colors work well together, the logo and cards are the same, thus the branding is more recogniziable. My friend JD Elquist and his team of boy wonders had a lot to do with helping me realize that. The shop is also more open and not as clustered together, making it more easy to shop.

3. Besides your own shop, what is your favorite local business?

Tacoma has a lot of businesses that I think are wonderful. Dorky’s, Embellish, Blitz florist, Dagmar Peterson “Henna Zilla”, Learning Sprout, What? Shoppe, Republic of 253, Top of Tacoma, Puget Sound Pizza, The Mix, Lulu, A little touch of magic, Cresent Moon Gifts, Supernova, Mad Hat Tea, Hell’s Kitchen, Pacific Grill, DOA, Comic Book Ink, there are literally SO many that I adore and that exist from coffee to vintage clothing to everything in between, Tacoma has a truly great mix of shops and people that run them. I know I’m leaving a bunch out, but that will give your readers a little work to do smurfin’ around to find them 🙂

4. You’re having an event this weekend. Could you tell us a bit about that?

We are having a free all ages open to the public event here on Saturday April 28th from 3-6pm. Phoenix Jones and Purple Reign, who are real life superheros, are coming down from Seattle to talk to folks and kids about domestic violence and bullying. These issues very important to Jason and I and we think that it will be a great event to be a part of. I’m stoked that they have the time to do it. Way cool.

5. What are your plans for the future of Poison Apple?

The door is wide open for world domination for the future of Poison Apple. We will continue to have super awesome gifts and products, we have a busy vending schedule of shows, events, and cons we will be at, and hope to have in store events. We are from Tacoma and love it and will always be apart of anything local we can sink our teeth into.

If you’re in downtown Tacoma, you owe it to yourself to check out Poison Apple. It’s located on 907 Pacific Ave.  You can also check out their Facebook page. I’d like to thank Jooley for taking the time to participate in 5 Question Friday and hope everyone can make it to Saturday’s event.

As always, if your or anyone you know wants to be part of 5 Question Friday, email me at jackcameronis@gmail.com

5 Question Friday With Box Top Vintage’s Jooley Heaps

Box Top VintageIf you’ve driven in downtown Tacoma down Pacific Avenue, odds are you’ve seen Jooley Heaps and her bright red hair outside her vintage clothing store, Box Top Vintage. It’s a strange and wonderful store. This week, Jooley was nice enough to participate in ‘5 Question Friday’.

1. What is Box Top Vintage?
Box Top Vintage is a funky mix of vintage and retro clothing as well as retail items,novelties, and clothing that ya can’t find any where else. It rules!

2. Why did you locate your shop in Tacoma?
My first shop Lady J’s Vintage clothing was on 6th ave back in 2003/2004…I was given this opportunity to open a shop, I jumped through necessary hoops to get the store and open it..I’ve been open one year.

3. What is the strangest thing in your shop?
Strangest item, well that is a hard one…I have a lot of “Homies” plastic figures and plush… I also have an Oh No! Zombies board game, mustache bandages, as well as “Just like Dad” candy cigarettes, and a zombie brain gelatin mold. So I dunno. I have a lot of oddities haha.

4. What is something you’d never carry in your shop?
I would never carry items relating to drugs. Or dildos.

5. Your shop is one of the most interesting ones I’ve ever been in. How do you find the unique items that make Box Top so interesting?
I always search the net for cool retail items, and if they have a low minimum order then i basically apply for a wholesale account. Woo hoo! Oh and even if the vintage clothing is beyond gross I still totally carry it. Someone always has a wierd party to go to and they want something rediculous. And for that, I always have their back.!

Thanks to Jooley for doing 5 Question Friday! If you’re in downtown Tacoma, you owe it to yourself to drop by Box Top Vintage at 907 Pacific Ave., Tacoma, WA 98042  or check them out online at http://www.etsy.com/shop/boxtopvintage