While it’s true that one ex-girlfriend associates me with Tacoma so much that she refuses to speak with me due to her hatred of the city, I acknowledge that I do not know every Tacoma Story. And so it seems only fair that I allow submissions.

What can you submit to Any story that takes place in or around Tacoma or has something to do with Tacoma. If I think it’s interesting, I’ll post it. If I don’t, I’ll tell you why not. There’s no word limit and there’s no pay. But you also retain all rights to your work. That’s the deal.

You can send in submissions in .doc, .rtf, or .txt formats.

Send all submissions to

I look forward to hearing from you. 

– Jack Cameron

4 responses to “Submissions

  1. Jack,
    Northeast Tacoma is often forgotten but we have a lot going on here. One activity I’m involved in is retuning a 35 acre gravel pit, known as Julia’s Gulch, into the fir and cedar forest it was 100 years ago. The land was bought by the City of Tacoma and the Port to be undeveloped for perpetuity. This would then be a buffer between the Port and the residential areas. It was given to the Cascade Land Conservancy (now known as ForTerra) to steward. Looking for an environmental project, my husband and I contacted ForTerra and offered to restore this damaged habitat. We now have a group called Friends of Julia’s Gulch. We meet the second Saturday of each month from 9 until noon for work parties. Last Saturday for example we planted 170 fir, cedar and hemlock 2 year old seedlings. We are planning trails through this restored habitat which has a view of Mt. Rainier at the top of the Gulch and is habitat for amphibians, small mammals and to our delight a pair of red-tailed hawk, besides fifty-seven other bird species. It is on the Audubon map as a great place to go birding.
    Heather Halabisky

  2. hi I am trying to find information on a murder that happened in 1977, which the robbery & murder of a PLU dean was involved. in Tacoma wa the suspects were given the death penalty, one of them was Bill Marr and there is no history of the execution or him at walla walla.. do you have any info on this crime?

  3. This is not a submission. It is just a request for some exposure for the AMBurrProject. It is the search for an eight year old Ann Marie Burr who disappeared out of her house Aug. 31st, 1961. She deserves to be found and we still at length are searching for her. Please tell of her story so that people do not forget about her…

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