28th Tacoma Homicide of 2021: Raymond Williams

October 21st was a sunny day. One of those fall days that could be mistaken for the last days of summer. Raymond Williams, 22 had gotten in the back seat of his sister, Maria’s Grand Marquis with his girlfriend, Tasha. Maria’s son, Emery sat in the passenger seat. It was just after 4:20pm when the gunshots started.

Maria was shot as she tried to get out of the car. Tasha barely got out before she was shot. Emery ran and was shot by the gunman. And Raymond Williams was shot in the back of the head and shoulder. He would survive the initial shooting, but die at the hospital becoming Tacoma’s 29th homicide of 2021 and the fourth and final Tacoma homicide that day.

A week would pass before the man responsible was identified and arrested. Police and prosecutors were unable to find a connection between any of the victims and the man who murdered the four of them. The only link anyone has found is that the man and Tasha were in 5th Grade together. The man was charged with four counts of Aggravated First Degree Murder and faces a life sentence if convicted.

Raymond lived with his mother, Marlene. She has health problems. He would make sure she took her medications, and had regular meals. He doted on her. He and his girlfriend Tasha would sometimes bring food packages to homeless individuals. He was the sort of person who would pick up litter. Raymond understood the value of family and community. He was looking forward to his future with Tasha. They had planned that future and in moments, it was stolen from them.

As always, the comment section is reserved for those who knew Raymond and want to share thoughts or memories of him.


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