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24th Tacoma Homicide of 2021: Kalyn Smith

On the morning of October 12, 2021, thirty-year-old Kalyn Smith’s body was found in the 3100 block of East M Street. It would be eight months before the Medical Examiner would rule her death a homicide. She died from someone crushing her throat. And now, over a year later, there remains no further information as to who is responsible or the circumstances that led to Kalyn’s death.

Kalyn is the twenty-fourth Tacoma homicide of 2021. My research into her is hampered by the fact that she had a common last name, does not seem to have had a large online presence, and the simple fact that not a lot of information has been released about this particular homicide. It wasn’t until June of 2022 that the Medical Examiner decided it was a homicide.

Also as the homicide rate rises, the media coverage of homicides decreases. This results in less information being publicly available about the individual.

What I can say from years of writing about Tacoma homicides is that there are friends and family of Kalyn who will never be the same due to her loss. And that while the media may largely ignore homicides that they see as unimportant, for some this homicide will mean quite a lot.

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23rd Tacoma Homicide of 2021: Diego Escalante

On the night of his death Diego Escalante was living in a homeless encampment near South 38th and McKinley Avenue. He was a friendly guy who had worked as a cook. He was funny. And he loved to share stories from the bible that he had memorized. At 1:30am on September 25, 2021 he was sitting in a chair when an intoxicated 21-year-old approached him and shot him three times. Diego died on the scene.

When the mother of the 21-year-old heard about the murder she had suspicions her son was responsible. They lived nine blocks from the homeless encampment. Her son had purchased a pistol and he had frequently talked about how he felt homeless people should be killed. She contacted police with her suspicions and her son was charged with first degree murder.

Diego’s killer did not know him and had no previous contact with him. By all account Diego was a random victim of a mentally deranged intoxicated young man who had all too easy access to deadly weapons and violent urges. His death was a senseless act of violence that ripped a hole in the lives of all who knew and loved Diego.

The animosity towards homeless individuals is just as misguided as any other form of bigotry.

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22nd Tacoma Homicide of 2021: Antonio Deshaun Robinson

It was just after 5:30am on September 23, 2021 when someone knocked on the door of the motel room 35-year-old Antonio Deshaun Robinson was sharing with his girlfriend in the 8800 block of Hosmer Street. The person at the door told Antonio that a 42-year-old man who had stolen a gun from Antonio was in the parking lot. Antonio went outside to confront the man who had stolen his gun. An argument ensued that soon became physical. The 42-year-old man shot Antonio once, then fired three more times. When first responders arrived around 5:40am, Antonio was still alive, but just after 6:00am he succumbed to his injuries becoming the twenty-third Tacoma homicide of 2021.

Police quickly identified the man responsible and arrested him in early November 2021. He was charged with second degree murder. Ammunition found in the motel room matched the ammunition from the gun used to kill Antonio.

Hosmer Street from South 72nd to South 96th is the most dangerous street in the city of Tacoma with multiple murders happening there every year.

This is not the first tragedy to hit Antonio’s family. In 2012, his brother Gary was shot and killed in Missouri. I can’t imagine the pain his family is feeling. Antonio had a young son who has forever lost his father.

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-Jack Cameron

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