29th Tacoma Homicide of 2020: Joshua Moore-Hughes

It was a late night in a motel in the 8800 block of Hosmer on December 1, 2020. People had been entering and leaving one particular room all night. At one point the man who rented the room noticed that thirty Percocet pills were missing and ordered that the ten people in the room remain there until the missing pills were found. He asked a 33-year-old man for assistance. When the renter of the room accused32-+year-old Joshua Moore-Hughes of stealing the pills, Joshua took offense as he knew he was innocent of the theft. The 33-year-old told him to watch his mouth. Joshua said, ‘Watch my mouth?’ at which point, the 33-year-old shot him with a 9mm pistol. The people in the room scattered and were largely uncooperative when police later questioned them. The 33-year-old was soon taken into custody while Joshua was taken to the hospital where he later died becoming the 29th Tacoma homicide of 2020.

Hosmer is a street notorious for crime. Major crimes happen in the area on a weekly if not daily basis. And it is all too easy for someone to look at the things that happen there and pretend that they don’t matter because it’s a high crime area that law abiding citizens tend to avoid. This viewpoint dehumanizes our fellow citizens and ignores the fact that a human being is more than their worst actions, more than their worst decisions, more than their circumstances. And perhaps, more importantly, everyone has loved ones who never did anything to deserve the grief they now have thanks to the unnecessary loss of a loved one.

Joshua had a large family who cared deeply about him. He had the sort of laugh that would make others laugh even if they didn’t know what he was laughing about. He spoke up about injustice and cared about others.

As always, the comments section is moderated and reserved for those who knew Joshua and want to share any thoughts or memories of him.

  • Jack Cameron

One response to “29th Tacoma Homicide of 2020: Joshua Moore-Hughes

  1. I am now seeing this story. Thank you for capturing a part of my son. His laughter, his speaking up for injustice, and that he cared. He was so much more that anyone realized. He was the type of person who never judged people. He always saw the good in everyone. He hated labels, He quoted on saying I am just my own person. He was the type of person who would take his clothes off and give it to someone else in need. Coat, shoes, belt, shirt, it just didn’t matter. He spoke with high intellect. His dream was to write a book, He stated that everyone had a story, and he wanted to tell his.
    It has been a difficult year for myself his mother. He is loved and missed so much…
    As his mother, everyday I wonder what was his last words as I was told that he was trying to talk. Was he thinking call my mom? tell mom I love her?
    I wonder did look at the man who stole his necklace from around his neck, as he was suffering gasping for air, Did he feel them reach in his back pocket to steal his wallet and money, did he feel the man who removed his ring from his finger. All of this was done prior to the police responding as people were scattering. Did my son watch that man from heaven while this sold his items that he stole of my dying sons body. My son was murdered and the man accused is in jail waiting for his day in court. What about the man who had called the accused for assistance. I feel he should also should be held responsible. He knew what he was about. Where’s the justice for the man who stole from my son as he was lying there…
    Stop the violence, NO ONE deserves this grief…No mother should bury their child…

    Thank you for your story…
    Signed Joshua’s mom

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