Eleventh Tacoma Homicide of 2018: Jiskoko “Jish” Shaw

Jisgogo Sha

It was just after 9:30pm on Saturday, November 19th. In a parking garage in the 700 block of Commerce Street in downtown Tacoma, two transient acquaintances were talking. One was 33-year-old Jiskoko Sha. Friends called him Jish. The talking became an argument. The argument became physical. At some point the other man pulled a knife. A short time later a passerby found Jiskoko bleeding from a stab wound. He was taken to St. Joseph’s Hospital where he later died, becoming Tacoma’s 11th homicide this year.

Police soon arrested the 36-year-old man who stabbed him, but prosecutors declined to press charges and released him pending further investigation.

The parking garage in which this happened is somewhat notorious for criminal activity though this is the first homicide to occur there.

I have been writing about homicides in Tacoma for eleven years and yet I still have difficulty fully explaining just what happens when someone in your life is murdered. Part of the reason for this site is to add a little more depth beyond the news headlines and to remind us that this isn’t just a homeless person getting killed in a bad area. This is a world ending. The world of Jiskoko Shaw is over. The impact of that echoes through the lives of his loved ones. Each of them feels a hole that cannot ever be fully patched. And Jish has been denied any possible future. His Tacoma Story ends here. But his memory remains. And who he was will not be forgotten by those who loved him.

As always the comment section is moderated and reserved for family and friends of Jiskoko Shaw who want to share memories or thoughts about him and his life.

– Jack Cameron

4 responses to “Eleventh Tacoma Homicide of 2018: Jiskoko “Jish” Shaw

  1. Prayers going out to his family

  2. Jack,
    Thank you for humanizing Jish in your story. At his core he was a kind, artistic, complex, loving man who touched many lives as is sadly evidenced by all of us that are deeply effected by his death. I knew him for 1 1/2 years as my daughter’s boyfriend. He loved her & stuck with her through thick & thin. He had a positive influence on my relationship with my daughter. I am so sad at his passing & really miss him. He did not deserve to die.

  3. His name was actually spelled Jiskoko Macu-Sha (https://www.facebook.com/1020862877977468/posts/2045383432192069/)

    He has touched the lives of many, more than most can say, and he will be greatly missed…

  4. very #bensad to know.

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