Fourth Tacoma Homicide of 2017: Manuel Olmos Jr.

On the evening of February 9th 32-year-old Manuel Olmos Jr. and a friend were at a fast food restaurant in the 2600 block of North Pearl Street. It was just after 8:30pm and they needed a ride. Manuel offered a 19-year-old man and his friends some money for a ride. This led to an argument. The argument got loud. At one point the 19-year-old said, “You want to get shot?” The manager of the restaurant then asked them all to leave. A few minutes later the manager heard gunshots. Manuel was shot in the neck. He died before he could be transported to the hospital.

Manuel Olmos Jr. is the fourth Tacoma homicide this year. Like the first three homicides it is a killing that makes little sense. While any loss of life is going to create a hole in the lives of dozens of people who knew and loved the victim, it seems especially disheartening when an understandable motive is non-existent.

Manuel’s wife, Megan wrote me and shared this about him )along with the photos in this post):
“Manuel is my husband, he has left behind me(wife), his 3 children ages 18(son), 5(Daughter), and 3(son), his parents, 3 brothers, and countless family and friends. Manuel was amazing, just amazing, a family man to the fullest, would do anything for someone in need and his kids were his world. He was so funny, life of the party very infectious smile and laugh. Words cannot express our loss and the holes we have in our hearts, I’m completely torn up over this and his kids have to spend the majority of their lives without him. Its not fair! But our babies will always know how great he was and much that he loved them.”

It is the policy of TacomaStories not to mention killers by name. However, when the suspect has been identified but not yet arrested, we will mention him in hopes that a reader may have information that leads to the perpetrator’s arrest. 19-year-old Demetrius Jackson has been charged with second-degree murder and a warrant has been issued for his arrest. If you have any information regarding the whereabouts of Demetrius Jackson, please contact that Tacoma Police Department at (253) 798-4721.

As always, the comments section is reserved for those who knew Manuel and want to share their thoughts or memories of him. This section is moderated and each comment is approved before it shows up on the site. If a friend or loved one has a photo they would like to share of Manuel for this article, please send it to

– Jack Cameron


10 responses to “Fourth Tacoma Homicide of 2017: Manuel Olmos Jr.

  1. Emily & Joshua Chandler

    Manuel was here on Vacation and enjoying his time in Washington. He was a great man and father! And wonderful friend… His family and friends are at a complete loss as to why this had to happen. And he will be dearly missed and was loved by so many! He was such a kind and caring man and was genuinely being a tourist and having fun! There was no need for this to happen. This man had to be afraid of his own shadow to shoot an innocent unarmed man for no reason! What has the world come to? There is no humanity or care for human life! It’s so heartbreaking! They have now caught the suspect who fled to Georgia but it will not bring Manuel back so his kids can have their father or his parents have their son, or his brothers to have their brother. Thank you for writing this article it has blown my mind to how little coverage this has gotten! I am so grateful to have known Manuel & call him my friend and even more grateful we were able to spend time with him right before he was taken away, but my heart breaks that he came to a place that we call home and such a tragedy had to happen. 💔 Rest is paradise my friend!

  2. So sad our little town in Utah where Manuel grew up, has been shook up with several people gone too soon. Although I have not seen him since High school he was a good person and I will always remember how caring he was. To his wife,kids, family and close friends I am praying for you all.

  3. I have been friend’s with Manuel since the 5th grade! I still remember when he moved out here! Manuel always like to have fun and laugh! But nothing. Compared to how much me loved Megan and his kids! He was a good dad! Manuel will always watch over his loved ones and family! Sorry for all the pain! He wouldn’t like to c everyone up set or hurt! He was a good spirted person! And now we Will always have our memories! Rip Manuel! Gone to soon! Never forgotten!

  4. Brandon & Heidi Quigley

    Words can not even describe the pain my husband and I have been feeling since we got the news of the passing of a GREAT man. Manny was also the happiest, nicest and most thoughtful peraon we had the privilege of working with. The company will never be the same without that smiling face walking through the office. Nicole our thoughts and prayers are with you the kids and all who knew Manny. R.I.P Manny, you will never be forgotten 😢❤😢❤😢

    • Thank you for ur sweet comment heidi. He was really very fond of u…He considered u good friend.

      • Brandon & Heidi Quigley

        That just made my whole day! I think about him every day. Hope you and the kids are doing well.

      • Well we r doing the best we can….we miss him soooo much though, it’s so hard and completely unfair. Life will forever be different.

  5. So sad for what happen to Manuel. May he RIP.

  6. ….

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