First and Second Tacoma Homicides of 2017: Theresa Greenhalgh and Mary Buras



Mary Buras


On the night of Wednesday January 4th, 31-year-old Theresa Greenhalgh and 22-year-old Mary Buras were in an upstairs bedroom of a house in the 3700 block of Yakima Ave. near Lincoln Park. A 36-year-old man was doing heroin in the room. The man’s 36-year-old sister and 15-year-old nephew were also in the house. At some point the man began hearing voices and yelling at Theresa. He would later say voices were telling him to kill her. He attacked her with his fists and a framing hammer. When his sister got in the way, he hit her as well. His sister and nephew left the house. The man then proceeded to attack both women, using a hatchet to behead them. His sister and nephew returned to the house the next day. Charging papers state that they helped the man clean up. On the night of the 6th they started a fire in the house in an attempt to cover up the crime. All three have been arrested.


Theresa Greenhalgh

This is Tacoma’s first two homicides this year. Theresa Greenhalgh leaves behind three children, ages ranging from five-months-old to nine-years-old. It is easy to get caught up in the gruesome details of a crime like this and forget that this is not a movie or television show, but two people who were here in Tacoma on New Year’s Day and have been taken from this world against their will. These murders will echo in the lives of dozens of friends and relatives for years. It is difficult to overstate the damage done on both a personal and community level when crimes like this occur.

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Mary Buras has a CrowdFunding Page to help pay for her cremation.

– Jack Cameron

10 responses to “First and Second Tacoma Homicides of 2017: Theresa Greenhalgh and Mary Buras

  1. Our friendship was short but you were a sweet person who love your kiddos. Wish your story ended differently. Rip Theresa

  2. Theresa was a good friend and a good person to all that knew her and not in any way shape or form did she deserve this its a sad thing to take a person out this world for a stupid ass reason like voices told me to that mother fucker needs the death sentence no matter what rip Theresa you’ll never be forgotten

  3. these girls were lobed by many .. they were someone’s children , Theresa, had 3 children is it really nesssacery to say they were doing drugs is there any proff that they were. there is no excuse Theresa was an amazing mother friend sites and daughter I would hate for her children to read this article and remember this is how Thier mother suffered

  4. R.i.p mary you will always be remembered n much love to ya bob stay strong n positive

  5. Rip mary and to bob your in my prayers and my condolences…..I loved mary and wanted the best for her. Im happy the people who have done this horrible thing are going to end up in prison for the rest of their lives. and send my love to you as well.

  6. Devon Ryan Gaines

    Theresa K. Greenhalgh was the Love of my life. She was the mother of my children. She was taken from me in this horrible act while i was in jail….. I have and will always Love You Babe. Im Lost without you…..
    R,I,P, Theresa K. Greenhalgh

  7. I specifically asked about the toxicology report for my daughter Mary, and there was no trace of heroin in her system.

  8. Mary was a good friend of mine in high school. I’ve only recently found out about this and I had to fight the tears. You were a pleasure to have in my life Mary and I’ll never forget you.

  9. Pamela Malone-O'Brien

    Sherry and Bob, I cannot begin to imagine your grief. I didn’t know Mary as an adult, but I remember her as a child and I remember that she loved to laugh. My heart goes out to you with all of the love and healing I can send. To the family of Theresa…I never knew her, but my heart goes out to all of you too.

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