Eighth Tacoma Homicide of 2016: Emmitt Taylor Jr.


On the evening of July 10th 59-year-old Emmitt Taylor Jr. was drinking at a homeless camp with a woman he knew near the 1100 block of Martin Luther King Jr. Way. They were joined by a 24-year-old man. At some point the man and Emmitt got into an argument. The argument got loud but eventually Emmitt chose to walk away. The other man followed. Emmitt was found a short distance away bleeding from the head. He was dead when paramedics arrived.

The 24-year-old man has been arrested and charged with first degree manslaughter.

This is Tacoma’s eighth homicide this year. And the second one that went virtually unreported by the press until someone was charged with his killing. Unfortunately, I was unable to find out much about Emmitt. This I have found is quite common with the homeless population. They rarely leave a digital footprint, but they are every bit as worthy of remembrance.

Associated Ministries is performing a moment of blessing at Martin Luther King Jr. Way and South 11th Street today, July 20th from 3:30pm -3:45pm

Emmitt’s only daughter contacted  me and provided the photo above. She said he did all he could as a father and grandfather. He will be missed.

As always the comments section is reserved for friends and family who knew him to share any thought or memories they might like to share.

– Jack Cameron

6 responses to “Eighth Tacoma Homicide of 2016: Emmitt Taylor Jr.

  1. My father may not have always made the best choices in life, but he was still my father and it hurts to know that someone took him away from me

    • My brother made some mistakes but he didn’t deserve to die I’m devastated he will be missed by his daughter and his niece and nephew RIP MY BROTHER .

      • Hi Tina trying to get a hold of Janelle this is James wife very urgent my number is 360-550-0662 thank you.

    • Sorry for your loss, Janella. Not much else one can say in such a situation, but I wanted to say something.

    • Hi Janelle this is James wife can you call me it’s about your Dad property and I . My number is 3605500662 Thank you looking forward to hearing from you.

  2. He was my brother and I loved him I’m devastated by what happen to him im going to miss his voice and laugh…

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