Fifth Tacoma Homicide of 2016: Ryan Wilkinson

0Last Friday night three people near the corner of South 48th and Yakima Street were shot. Near midnight they all arrived at the emergency room under their own transportation. One was treated and released. One had more substantial but non-life-threatening injuries and the third, 30-year-old Ryan Wilkinson died the following morning from his injuries.

Ryan was the father of a baby girl born a few months ago and seen in this photo. His friends say he was very loving and friendly and will be dearly missed.

The survivors of the shooting have been entirely uncooperative with authorities and so at this time not much more is known about the events or the circumstances surrounding those events. Authorities say that this was not a random act of violence and that the victims were specifically targeted.

This is the fifth homicide in the city of Tacoma this year making this year’s toll significantly higher than previous years. By this time in 2014 there had only been one homicide.

As always, the comments section is moderated and reserved for those who knew Ryan and might want to share stories or memories about him. Any negative comments will not be tolerated or accepted. Also if any friends or family have a photo they would like to share, you can email it to me at

– Jack Cameron

23 responses to “Fifth Tacoma Homicide of 2016: Ryan Wilkinson

  1. Rest in peace brother, I will never forget all the fun times we had.

  2. R.I.P. RYAN!!! You will forever be in our hearts and on our minds!!! You are SO missed already!!! Much love always!


  4. Ryan was one of the kindest people I have had the privilege of meeting, 13 years ago. I’m saddened by this tragic event and I pray that justice will be served. My heart is at ease knowing he is no longer suffering in a world that is full of hatred. Ryan, I love you buddy!

  5. I met Ryan 14 years ago. From that day on, he has and will remain one of the loyalist, honest, humblest and best friends of my life. My heart is so sad. My sincere condolences to his parents and sister, his two children and to the HUNDREDS of friends that all love and think the world of him. You will be DEARLY missed, sweetheart.
    To the authorities of this investigation: Please, please bring justice to my friend. He was a good man and deserved much more from life.

  6. From nicole walter Ryan wilikinson I love you baby dad and I’m so proud of you. Thank you for your love the Promise we always keep.. love Ryan Girl. Nicole Walter …

  7. Rest in Peace Ryan.
    We will love N and P. Thank you for the gift of P.


  9. Ryan was one of my best friends for nearly 17 years. No matter how crazy life seemed to get, he always had my back. In the lowest time of my life my brother was the last one there for me when everybody else went on about their business. This man was a true gentleman and friend. The only thing that could have prevented such a terrible situations was sobriety. It is my wish for all that are still affected by this lifestyle that took his life. I hope that you all find the gift of desperation to get sober. I too hope that the person responsible pays the price for taking another mans life. Rest Peacefully my brother.

  10. Carrie Velasquez

    Although a short~lived friendship, I knew you, Ryan, to be a young man with an enormous heart to many. So sad you had to be taken in the way you were. Your contagious smile, I’m sure, will be missed by so many! May you be resting in Eternal peace!


  11. andrea webley

    Ryan, you undoubtedly have left a mark that can never be erased. You changed who I am as a person and my outlook on life completely. I am so affected by this that words are not capable of describing the loss I feel without you. I am so glad I had the last few weeks with you that I did. I love you ryan. Everyone out here u left behind will never forget you. We all should be honored to have met Ryan, even throughout all the tough times, the good will always be worth the bad. Miss you.

  12. Ryan you were an amazing man I knew you only for a year but I saw a very true loyal compassionate Man U are missed by all who,s lives you touched. My condolences to your family and loved ones. Rip much love dawnmarie

  13. Ryan…you came into my life three years ago and changed my world forever! Through you, I have learned so much and have made so many unforgettable memories to take away with me. You will live in my heart forever, but the thought of never seeing you again is nearly unbearable. I can’t find the words to explain the the void your passing has left me with. It was such a senseless and unnecessary tragedy all a result of that dark world of drugs and it’s made me despise that lifestyle more now than ever. You were so much smarter and so much better than the life that you were allowing yourself. I pray that the person(s) responsible for this are brought to justice. I will love you for the rest of my time…until we meet again! Thank you for being who you’ve been to me and for continuing to watch over me as I make my way through this thing they call life. I love you forever Ryan! Love, Tara (Littleface)

  14. Ryan has an older son that he loved more than life also… Ryan told me this- his son is convinced and reports with pride that his dad is a ninja. I can’t even bear the thought of his little boys pain… my own takes my breath and my happiness… i love and miss u Ryan, I forever will, we were real. I have to believe that a beautiful soul takes wings so… show us all how ninjas fly!

  15. Ryan you’ll be truly missed your wife loves you and we’ll see you on the other side

  16. Miss you bro. Be seeing you in my head telling the story of how not to take the candy bar in the joint. So funny. You rest easy now my friend. RESPECT

  17. Who was the 3rd homicide? It went 1, 2, 4, 5??

  18. Rest In Peace .. you’re dearly missed by many..

  19. Tara Willoughby

    Missing you today and always my love! I have Deacon with me, but life will never seem right without you here with us! Continue to watch over us my love…we will see you when we get there…

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