Fourth Tacoma Homicide of 2016: Maluelue Fitiao


On the evening of March 13th, 39-year-old Maluelue Fitiao and his girlfriend were in his bedroom of his place in the 7400 block of McKinley Avenue. His male roommate had invited a few people over. The gathering got loud. Maluelue repeatedly asked them to keep quiet. According to charging papers, he eventually came out of the bedroom with a folding knife and demanded that everyone leave.

At this point a 27-year-old pulled out a .40 caliber pistol. The 27-year-old’s brother was in the next room. He pulled his 9mm pistol as well. What happened next isn’t entirely clear. Maluelue’s girlfriend came out of the bedroom. Witnesses say she grabbed another woman by the neck. Moments later the 21-year-old claims that Maluelue swung the knife at his brother at which point the 21-year-old opened fire. The two brothers fired a total of eleven shots. One narrowly missed a 10-year-old sleeping in another room. Maluelue was dead before emergency responders could arrive. His girlfriend was wounded.

The brothers left the scene, ditched their guns, and were later apprehended. Because Maluelue was armed with a knife prosecutors have declined to file homicide charges in his death though both brothers face weapons charges and one is being charged with the shooting of Maluelue’s girlfriend.

Maluelue’s friends called him ‘Lue’. They say he was a ‘gentle giant’. His death is senseless and demonstrates how quickly things can needlessly escalate when weapons are involved.

As always, the comments section is reserved for those who knew Lue and want to share thoughts or memories of him.

– Jack Cameron

5 responses to “Fourth Tacoma Homicide of 2016: Maluelue Fitiao

  1. My dear brother, I miss u so much and still can’t gather my thoughts that you are gone! What makes it even harder to except is that you left in a violent way ! not because you were sick or in an accident, but by the hands of 2 scums of the earth who don’t deserve to walk the streets no more. It was such a senseless and selfish act that took you away from your kids, parents and family. Life feels so incomplete without your presence Bro! We miss your goofy and comical ways. We miss you singing and serenading to us, the kids are constantly singing your favorite song and while singing they all would break down and cry for you. Lue, I will do my best to bring Justice for you Bro. I will make sure those 2 murders will spend their lives behind bars. I pray that God will give us strength during this process, and that what was done in the dark will come to light. We Miss You and love u always and forever my dear brother.

  2. Kristal Bremmeyer

    Shake, as I called him, is someone I hold dear to my heart… he came in my life when things were so chaotic and showed me what true friendship was and reminded me that there are genuine and caring people in this dark world… he was the true definition of a man and would think of things that I overlooked and complete the task himself without wanting to be acknowledged or praised. He would come over and fix everything that was needing attention and would try to help out with daily chores , even though I couldn’t let me him clean my house, the thoughtfulness snd generosity he showed was uncommon and to say the least. .. he showed me what I was settling for in friendships and what I was worth as a woman. He would play the piano with my daughter and they would sing songs… have never heard such a heavenly vvoice in all my life and one time while driving out of town he sang alcopelo and it still brings goose bumps how beautiful and touching it was… I seen him break down another “gentle giant” who is known as being an aggressive person that people are intimidated of. Shake quotes scrioture, gave insightful experience and advise to him, and by the end all three of us were crying like babies … it truly is one of the most heartfelt and memorable times of my life and I remember it like it was yesterday… the last day I seen shake he left his backpack at my house and gave me a huge hug and kiss on forehead … he told me to take care of baby (what he called my daughter, deedee)… he said nothing else in life matters more than her and said he loved me before he walked out. It brought tears to my eyes because I felt a closure for some reason and didn’t understand why it felt like he was saying goodbye and I wouldn’t see him again. Others at my house felt something too and said shake appeared to have a lot on his mind and was very quiet, and that was it… I woke up to my boyfriend telling me to wake up because shake had been hurt. I was in shock and instantly depressed. I felt a piece of my heart was gone. I have his backpack above my bed with his picture button from the funeral. I will never find another friend that will ever compare to him … I miss him so much and not a day goes by that I don’t think of him. Many memories of him that bring tears, laughter,and smiles to my face … deedee misses shake and we prayed for the family as we know how much they must miss him… he is truly a gem amongst all the stones… shake thank you for all the times you gave to me and deedee. Austin shared when you lifted the washing machine off his truck onto your shoulder like it was a piece of cake and all his friends were in awe. Know that your time was appreciated and we love you with all our hearts. .. you helped me be a better friend and helped me to love myself and not settle for friendships I don’t deserve. As I stop writing I’m gonna sing the sing that reminds me of you. “Lean on me” love and miss you friend

  3. Brandy J. Barrow

    “Mini-me” was what you called me. Still a month later and I can not grasp that you are not here. My friend, my confidant, loved and missed you will definitely always be. For me I think it was easier trying to believe rumors than to grasp me head and emotions around someone “senselessly” taking you from us. Like mine and many others you were a protector. You were a big Teddy Bear! I miss your face everyday that passes. We to will meet again someday. Now that your gone I hope you continue to watch over us and know that you will never be forgotten. Please watch over my sister and brother, I hope your greeted with open arms, let bi-gons be and rest together in Paradise happily and peaceful. My friend Maluelue “Big Shake” Fitiao missed dearly, never forgotten. Love your friend-your sister to eternity Brandy J. Barrow. Blood makes us related, Loyalty makes us family!

    Maluelue Fitiao March 13, 2016
    Marisa Richie May 10, 2015
    Preston Stafford December 22, 2015

    • Kristal Bremmeyer

      This was heartfelt and I completely agree with what you said… it brings tears to my eyes knowing you felt the same love that I did and that makes me know you are feeling the same way I do… hope you are alright.

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