Second Tacoma Homicide of 2016: Jacqueline Salyers


On the Friday morning of January 29th on Tacoma’s South Side two police officers recognized a known fugitive sitting in the passenger seat of a car in the 3300 block of South Sawyer Street. In the driver’s seat was 32-year-old Jacqueline Salyers. When the officers attempted to approach the car, Jacqueline hit the gas. As the car barreled towards them, one officer fired at the car hitting Jacqueline with one bullet. The fugitive escaped on foot carrying a rifle and as of this writing has not yet been apprehended. The officers called for paramedics but Jacqueline died on the scene.

This is Tacoma second homicide this year and the first police involved shooting this year. Some have asked me why I count police involved homicides. The reason for this is that even when it is justified a life taken is a life taken. I would include vehicular homicides, but that gets fairly complicated. Ultimately, I’m a big believer in the thought that we are not just the worst things people know about us. There is a fairly small but vocal group that feels otherwise and thinks a criminal is a criminal. I know that a criminal is often a mother, a daughter, a dear friend, or a sister. Sometimes that ‘criminal’ isn’t even a criminal.

My point here is that at TacomaStories I focus on the victim and what was right with the victim. I try to write articles imagining the victim can read it. I wasn’t able to discover much about Jacqueline. As always, I leave it to those who knew her to share stories and memories of her in the comments section. All comments are moderated by me.

– Jack Cameron

18 responses to “Second Tacoma Homicide of 2016: Jacqueline Salyers

  1. Jack I support you work most of the time, but now that i see u by into what ever the Police say I will have reconsider if I do. Do you know for a fact that she drove towards officer, what if I told you all her wounds were from the side. I whay if i told you that Jackie’s mother had already informed the Police that she was in a Abusive situation and that this guy had threaten to kill Jackie & her mother if she left him or tried to get away from him. Explain to me why the police removed Jackie from the seen, drove her around the corner anf threw her back into the streets. I can go on and on, but i wont because if you were looking for facts you would of also seen how there stories don’t add up… SORRY TO SEE YOU MAY JUST BE ANOTHER ONE OF THE MEDIA THAT JUST TAKE A STORY AND REPRINT IT….

    • Chester, let me explain a few things. First and foremost I don’t report things that haven’t been substantiated. I frequently get emails and other reports of what ‘really’ happened with just about every homicide I write about. I do not have the time or the resources to determine the truth of each account of the circumstances surrounding the situation. In the past I have altered articles when I’ve been able to find evidence that backs up accounts of situations even if they are not the circumstances reported in the press. But I typically need more than just the word of someone that things went down differently than the authorities reported. This isn’t out of some automatic bias. It’s because I can get into significant legal trouble if I start publicly making accusations I can’t back up with evidence. I’m sorry for your loss and appreciate your comments. I hope you understand.

    • So what ur saying is that your willing to print whatever they say, but wont gather your own info before reporting based on the fact u may get into trouble by them. My answer to that is its BS, if you wanted to write about the truth you could have reached out to family and witnesd and asked for their input, we have photos and video to back up what we are saying, but i guess that dont matter….

      • Chester, I’m willing to print what I can confirm with authorities or confirm with evidence. I’m more than willing to take a look at whatever evidence you or anyone else has that contradicts the official version of events. Go ahead and send it to me at and I’ll take a look. But as I said. It’s not lack of interest. It’s simply a lack of time and resources. I don’t have the time to find the family’s contact information. If you or anyone else feels the need to contact me, my contact information is easy to find. Again, I’m sorry for your loss and look forward to hearing from you if you have other pertinent information on this.

    • Yes please answer this for us…

  2. Candi TurningRobe

    I was thinking of Jackie and her mom this morning while doing dishes, looking out window. My heart hurts for her mom, children and the whole family. There are certain aspects in an officers training when having to make a decision of life and death. I get that. Only God knows what took place in those few seconds of Jackies life. What I do know is that I will pray thatGod has his way in this whole situation and that the right thing be done on behalf of the family and the native community she belonged to. A through investigation, by unbiased individuals. Jacqueline Sawyers can not be another statistic.

  3. I’ve known Jackie most my life and she was one of my dearest friends. Jackie was one of the truest friends that I was ever blessed with to have in my life. When she loved some one she loved them with all her being and right wrong or indifferent no matter what she had your back. She did not deserve to die this way she has a huge family and the whole Puyallup Tribal community was devastated with the news of Jackie’s murder. Jack and I both made some bad choices in life and we both been to prison I’m 2 years older then her and I myself have been in similar situations with my run ins with the police but I made it out of that life and changed my ways and when I did so I kind of just left every one and didn’t talk to any of my friends and for this I feel so guilty and wish I wasn’t so selfish and could have at least talked to her or seen her one last time. Jackie was a good person and came from a good family her mother is one of the most beautiful persons I know such a loving heart and always loved all of us. Jackie loved music and wrote rap songs. She had a contagious laugh and a beautiful smile. She was a good person and that police officer was trigger happy and will have to face his maker on judgment day. Jackie will never be forgotten.

  4. She was my friend and I think they could of done something else in stead of shooting her if the guy was in a car with a gun well maybe she was scard Idk what it was. But shooting her not right. She has children smh

  5. I think the guy in the car made her do it. I didn’t know her only seen her here and there. From what I seen she was a very sweet young lady. A life was definitely taken way too soon. Rip Jackie

  6. I am jackies uncle Steven rideout I want closure in truth what happened out there the car was parked on gravel was not disturbed one who knows when you step on the gas on gravel what happens? Thats right tires dig out the gravel. Note the news video the car is still parked on the gravel where it was parked would you not think if she was speeding away
    the shots are from the front of the car instead the bullet holes in the car from the side rear and we’re two shots went through the windshield outward I do not the logic of the moving her 100 yards to 35th street and around the corner we’re told there’s no video i we have heard different all the family wants is closure but they won’t give it to us i will try to get what I can from from the city if possible and if this is unjust would you help us bring it into the open

    • Steve, thank you for posting this–this is an epidemic of police terror and it has to stop. I work with families of those who have lost loved ones to police murder, Stop Mass Incarceration network:
      We are doing a speaking tour with family members this spring in Pac NW. Could you please contact me at my email, we’d like to connec with you and your family. Deep condolensces for your loss. Take care, Maggie Lawless

      • Great words uncle Steve, we will find out what happen. More and more people are coming forward sharing what they saw and yes your right there was no attemp to run over a officer, and more people are starting to ask questions because they can see that the story that storwant everyone to believe don’t add up…

  7. I feel like the place for making accusations of corrupt actions by the police would be in the news. If you believe these things to be true, why aren’t you putting the facts out there for the masses to see it. I’m not a relative of the deceased lady but I try to read the comments that people write in memory of their loved one.

    Instead of fond memories or loving messages, its mostly attempts to justify the actions of the deceased woman and accuse others of wrong doing on here. She was in the wrong place, with the wrong person, doing the wrong thing (atleast by proxy). However, as the writer who wrote the piece about her stated, this is about remembering her as a person. In memory, a time to allow her life to take precedence over the circumstances of her death.

    She was loved: a daughter, mother and friend.

  8. I just don’t believe officers should shoot to kill unless it’s absolutely necessary… what can’t they shoot just to stop the person. Shoot them in the leg anything but they always aim straight for the HEART

  9. She was a very strong beautiful woman always willing to help others regardless of her LIGHT criminal activity she was a great friend sister daughter mother wife who was taken to early. Justice for JAQUELINE! Love u lol sis

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