First Tacoma Homicide of 2016: Dylan Lee Oman


Name: Dylan Lee Oman

Age: 18

Date of Homicide: January 11, 2016

Location of Incident: Brown’s Point Blvd. & Mc Murray Road

Method of death: Shot

It’s 2016. I started writing about Tacoma Homicides back in 2006. This will be year eleven. And unfortunately this year didn’t even get into its second week before we lost another Tacoman to homicide. Another shooting. Another teenager. Another soul who will never reach their potential. This is the seventh teenager killed in Tacoma in the last year.

Dylan Lee Oman was a likable kid from Northeast Tacoma. He attended Stadium High School at one point. That’s where my son met him. They weren’t close, but they knew each other well enough. Dylan liked to help people.

In the early morning hours of January 11th, Dylan had joined a couple of friends in a car. They were going to find another friend who had fallen in with a bad crowd. At around 3:30am there was a confrontation. Shots were fired. Dylan was hit twice. He died later at the hospital.

Northeast Tacoma isn’t known for violent crime, but if there’s one thing covering homicides has taught me, it’s that no neighborhood is immune to crime.

As with so many murders of young people, I don’t have much I can share with you about Dylan. Like any teenager, he was nothing but potential. We will never know what we’ve truly lost with his death.

At the time of this writing, there have been no arrests in this case. People with any information are asked to call the Tacoma Police Department at 253-798-4721

As always the comments section is reserved for those who knew the victim and want to share memories or thoughts about the victim. The comment section is moderated and each comment is approved before it is posted.

I’m sure you can imagine this sudden loss has created a financial hardship on the victim’s family. If you’re in a position to help and feel like helping, this is the link to their crowdfunding campaign to pay for funeral costs.

– Jack Cameron

One response to “First Tacoma Homicide of 2016: Dylan Lee Oman

  1. Dylan was the protector of his loved ones. The life of every party. He and my boyfriend have been friends since middle school, and he was loved by us and our son like family. He told me that if I ever needed anyone, if something bad was happening and i couldnt reach my boyfriend, all I had to do was call. Dylan didn’t hold back. If it was on his mind, he would come right out with it. People often couldn’t be offended because of how funny and outrageous he could be. He was a charmer, able to diffuse tense situations with his commentary. Dylan is irreplaceable. There will never be anyone on this earth that could feel the void we feel now that he is gone. It’s been two months today since he has passed and I can assure you, none of his loved ones are done crying. Nor will anyone be for a long, long time. In his passing, he had brought so many things to light, as well as created burning questions that’s we’ll never know the answers to. Dylan deserves more recognition than what he’s been given, as well as justice which has yet to be served. Rest in peace, dlo. We love and miss you every day.

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