Fifteenth Tacoma Homicide of 2015 Tamara Fabre

On the final day of 2015, 49-year-old Tamara Fabre became the fifteenth homicide this year in Tacoma. Tamara has moved here from Texas back in April in order to help her mother. Her mother died of cancer in October.

Tamara lived in the 7000 block of Fawcett Avenue. Her brother lives across the street. The family was planning a large New Year’s Day meal. Tamara was preparing food for the gathering. She and her 81-year-old father got into an argument. At some point that argument turned physical. It ended when her father managed to grab a carving knife. Tamara was stabbed at least ten times. Her father then went to Tamara’s brother’s house and had him call the authorities.

As always, the comments section is moderated by me and reserved for those who knew Tamara and want to share memories for her.

– Jack Cameron

2 responses to “Fifteenth Tacoma Homicide of 2015 Tamara Fabre

  1. cocina costa rica

    Tamara was a friend of mine in Texas. She helped save me from an abusive relationship. She had the biggest heart I’ve ever known- completely selfless. This is beyond tragic.

  2. Tamara was also someone who, despite having an horrific childhood, managed to make a new life for herself away from her family. She worked hard and never lost her sense of humour or willingness to love and help – people as well as animals.

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