Twelfth Tacoma Homicide of 2015 Phillip Ryan Jr.


Last Saturday afternoon at around 1pm 19-year-old Phillip Ryan Jr. was on Martin Luther King Jr. Way. He was less than a block from where Steven Speakman had been shot four days earlier near S. 10th and MLK when a car pulled up and shot Phillip. Emergency responders arrived and transported Philip to a nearby hospital where he died shortly after arriving.

Phillip is Tacoma’s 12th homicide this year. He is the third young man shot and killed in Tacoma in less than a week. This is the third shooting within four blocks of each other. And this is the fifth shooting in Tacoma in the last twelve days with a sixth one happening last night on S. 45th and Union where another young man was shot in the leg.

If this seems like an excessive amount of violence for Tacoma, it is. I’ve been talking about Tacoma homicides since 2006 and the last time I remember this much violence in so short a time it was the mid-1990s.

I call Tacoma the biggest small town in the world because everyone seems to know everyone. So I guess it shouldn’t surprise me that my teenage son knew Philip. They both attended Stadium together. A few years ago I even met the young man.

My son said he was funny. And his friends who also knew him are in shock at his sudden murder. Last night there was a Peace Walk near the spot where Elijah Crawford was killed and his friend was shot. Tonight (Sunday) at 5:30pm there’s going to be a gathering at Peoples Park near the shootings of both Steven Speakman and Phillip Ryan.

As always, the comments section is moderated by me and reserved for those who knew Phillip Ryan and want to share thoughts or memories.

Jack Cameron

21 responses to “Twelfth Tacoma Homicide of 2015 Phillip Ryan Jr.

  1. I want to send my thoughts and prayers to all the families that have been hurt by the recent violence…. Especially lil Phillip who is my sons cousin not only has their family lost Phillip but they also lost an Aunt this week(under other circumstances) The family could use all the prayers they can get! May God protect and watch over the family!

  2. I know the Ryan family very well, My family and I are at a lost for words, but know our prayers are with the Ryan family

  3. Philip was a helpful, kind young man. I will miss his smile and his heart warning hugs. My thoughts go out to his family and friends

  4. Phillip attended Bryant Montessori School for many years, and was loved by the entire faculty. He was a wonderfully kind and funny young man. He will be missed by us all from Bryant.

  5. I don’t know this young man but why does the media always have to post the bad (easily negative) pictures of our young black men as if all of us are gang members or something of that sort? They (media and possibly the government) want us as young black men to have a negative image but….imma do whatever I have to to initiate change.

    • I definitely agree with you! The photos that they put up for the victims, are all photos that cast a negative light. My condolences for all the families involved and my apologies to the families, for the pictures that they put up, to honor these victims…. smh…

  6. Philip Ryan Jr was so special to my family, and many other family’s in Tacoma. This kids heart was solid love! His smiled warmed my home his humor filled our lives, and his large presents will be missed through out Tacoma.

    Philly was one of my kids, grew up with my son and loved my daughter like she was his little sister. I’ll cherish the times he lived with us, the holidays he spent with us and the love he gave me. You are my family Philly, thank you for being you, for letting us love you. My heart is broken that you have been taken from us all.

  7. I will miss you dearly Philip. you were so kind and loving. you filled my life with smiles every time I saw you. I love you kid.

  8. Phillip is my nephew. His death has rocked my family and broken the illusion that things like this happen to other people. His siblings are in other states and are struggling to get to the funeral. If you have the means to help there is a gofund me account set up for donations. If you don’t have the funds know that your love and kind messages are heard and felt and appreciated.

    • Phillip grew up with my son Quentin and as soon as he found out what had happen he rused to the scene and then the hospital and made it into the family room but he was minutes too late…i felt soooo bad when he called me that day..we loved him and always will do we find out when the funeral is we would like to pay our respects

  9. Phillip and my son were best friends. He lived with us for a while when he need a little help. He was very polite and always call me Mr. Phillip loved to cook and I always knew when he was in my house from his loud laughter. We will miss you Phillip.

  10. I met Philips since was just a child, he was cheerful and loved to help, was a hard-working guy, every summer, along with his friends offered his services to mow the grass and remove the earth, I loved his attitude, he was a very cheerful kid , enthusiastic and eager to be better, he played with the kids in the block where I lived in down town, some years ago, and was a lovely boy.
    I move of house and looked him from time to time, sometimes he stopped to talk with me and he told me he was going well in school but would like to work because at home were missing many things, growing moved away and I watched with friends occasionally, he always smiled to me.
    Some people around him were not very good and he was a good kid. Philips died a few blocks from where I lived two years ago, I was surprised to see the news in the press, he still had that face who I remember with love.
    I ask to t parents please pay close attention to who their children gather, especially if they are teenagers, is an important time where guys are vulnerable and need care, parenting is not only make a children, parenting means responsibility, attention and love.
    Ask yourself where are your kids and know their friends, take caution if they come out at night and notice a changing attitudes.
    Can to be signals to be close your kids and prevent unfortunate events
    Guns are not good and less in teenagers and kids

  11. Boy this hit really close to home…this young man was one of my son’s close friends and we are deeply sorry for the loss of such a good kid. We called him philly phil …he tought my son the meaning of working for you own money …i know he made a possitive impact on my son… And heck to be truly honest i know a few grown ups who could have used a few tips from philly in the responsibility department…he was a great kid and always showed much respect…so to Phillips parents are in our prayers and only the good die young…RIP nephew we love you

  12. Heartfelt condolences go out to the family and friends of this young man. He was a good friend of my son’s who was polite and pleasant. His death is tragic and I pray that God comforts the hearts of those whose lives are touched by his spirit.

  13. OMG RIP PHILLIP. He loved my kids and was always playing with them at wright park. I cannot believe this. Tacoma please make a change

  14. Phillip was my daughter’s friend. He visited my home on several occasions. He was always smiling, and very polite. My daughter said he cared a lot about people and it showed. I am so sorry for the senseless murder of this nice young man. Condolences to his family.

  15. man phillip was like family i didn’t see him much but when i did he would always give me hugs and every time i would see him he would say stay in school and stay away from them little boys he sounded like my brothers
    RIP phillip i love you so much

  16. Wow. I moved early last year, but my freshman year, I was in the same math class as Phillip. He was really funny, nice, and always stood up for me. I can’t believe that he’s gone or that all these shootings are happening in Tacoma lately. I hope his family is doing well after all this occurred

  17. I miss you Phillip see you soon homie. Wish you were still here with us. Should of moved with me like we were going to😢 Miss you man see ya on the other side

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