Third Tacoma Homicide of 2015: Brandon Quinton Morris


Spring has taken hold here in Tacoma. This weekend it’s supposed to be in the 70’s. Perfect weather for walking to the local convenience store and picking up whatever treats strike your fancy. Friday May 1st, 19-year-old Brandon Morris had done just that with his girlfriend, Jordan and a couple of friends at a convenience store near South 45th and South Union. They were walking down an alley when an SUV pulled up and fired eight shots. Brandon was protective of his girlfriend and friends and was the only one shot. He died five days later becoming Tacoma’s third homicide this year.

Brandon was going to Bates Technical College and studying to be a diesel mechanic. He was close with his family and known to be protective of those he cared for.

Tacoma Police have arrested a 23-year-old gang member for the murder. Neither Brandon or any of his friends with him that day are associated with any gangs. It is believed that the shooting was a random act of violence or a case of mistaken identity. The motivation hardly matters as it’s clear that this was a senseless act.

Drive-by shootings are relatively rare in Tacoma these days. It’s rarer still that they result in a homicide. While there is a very real gang presence in Tacoma, it is a far cry from the 1990s when drive-by shootings happened almost every hour of every day. We literally had hundreds of drive-by shootings a year. It’s good that our crime rate has gone down so much, but these statistics fail to make the loss of life that does occur any less devastating for friends and family of the victim.

As always, the comments section is reserved for friends and family of the victim who might want to share any thoughts or memories of Brandon. The section is moderated by me and I approve comments before they are made public.

My thoughts go out to Brandon’s friends and family.

– Jack Cameron

5 responses to “Third Tacoma Homicide of 2015: Brandon Quinton Morris

  1. shauna averill

    Brandon it’s very unfortunate that a wonderful,caring,and most Definitely loving young man had to go threw this,or can’t be with his loved ones physically anymore but just know that you are and will always be very loved and missed….you are very outgoing and energenic, you have a heart of gold…you have a way of making someone smile even if they are in the worst mood…you were at the start of young adulthood and had your goals and Prioritys all lined up and for a young man who grew up in Tacoma that’s so much to be proud of right there…I’m sure your family was more than proud of you cause i know i was….we will meet again and until that day comes please look out for my lil man elijah Smith well your nephew…love you to pieces and my heart goes out to your family i can’t imagine what they are going threw…you will all be in my thoughts and prayers….keep your head up cause none of us will ever forget u…luv ya…
    Your dearest friend
    Shauna averill

  2. Brandon this is your girlfriend. I love you more than words can explain. Everyday I cry because I miss you so much. Just the other day we were holding hands now your a beautiful angel who fly’s over me. I’ll never forget everything we have done together. You mean the world to me. I will celebrate our anniversary every year. I pray for the lord to take car of you. This year you were gonna be 20 and I will still get you a present because you will always be in my heart baby boy I love you and miss u my sweet angel.

  3. Brandon you were a very good hearted funny person and a great friend. You were still young and headed down a better path than most of South Tacoma. I dont understand how it could’ve been you of all people. Since your death, my eyes have opened to the reality that struck me the second i found out it was you who had been shot that that coulda been or could one day be ANYONE I know. The feeling of losing someone I personally called a friend hurts so much its like losing family. Things will never be the same and thats something everyone needs to accept. I miss you buddy, may God rest your soul and help the TPD find the punks responsible.

    • I love and miss you my precious son. I look at your chess champion trophies, and all your pictures everyday. You were becoming such a fine young man. I love you honey.

      • Marny Smith

        Hi Elladell,
        Words cannot express how sorry I am that this has happened to you and your family. I know how much you loved Brandon and what a wonderful caring dedicated mom you are. All of your love and caring paid off because look at how well Brandon was turning out!!
        I found out about this terrible event last night, and am still in shock. Please know that my love and my heart are with you I will track you down through Meg or Jamie and maybe you could get together with Grace and I to talk if you feel you can. I know that when my son Stevie died it really helped me to just talk.
        Again, I am just so sorry.
        Marny Smith

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