Second Tacoma Homicide of 2015: Larnell Griffin


In the early morning hours of Thursday April 16th, two or three men arrived at the apartment of Larnell Griffin on South 40th and S. Lawrence Street. One of them had a dispute with Larnell over a cellphone. According to a witness Larnell put his hands up and backed up. When his attacker did not lower the weapon, Larnell struggled to disarm him and was shot. Police arrived at 1:45am to reports of shots fired. Larnell was taken to Madigan Hospital where he died.

The murder of Larnell Griffin is only the second homicide in the city of Tacoma this year. And yet, despite the lack of lethal violence in Tacoma lately and an active manhunt, local media have all but ignored this killing. I found exactly one article on with no mention of Larnell’s attacker and no articles at or Our local paper, The News Tribune, Crime Stoppers, and this site are the extent of the media coverage in the death of 33-year-old Larnell Griffin.

Of course this is nothing new. All major local television is based out of Seattle and in Seattle, Tacoma is often still regarded as a place where these sort of shootings happen every day. Thankfully the crime rate in Tacoma has continued to go down.

However, no matter how low the crime rate might get, those who are friends and family of its victims are still devastated by their loss. No lack of coverage by the news can minimize what’s happened. According to Larnell’s Facebook page he was married. Photos show a young child. Whenever a life is lost, countless lives are changed.

As always, the comments section is reserved for friends and family of the victim. Those who knew Larnell are encouraged to share their thoughts and memories. Each comment is approved by me to keep negative comments to a minimum.

To the friends and family of Larnell, I’m sorry for your loss. Here’s hoping his killer is apprehended and brought to justice quickly.

– Jack Cameron

Update: The person police believe is responsible for the murder of Larnell was arrested on the evening of 04/21.

11 responses to “Second Tacoma Homicide of 2015: Larnell Griffin

  1. R.I.P Lar! I’ll never forget what you and your mother did for me! The memories can’t be replaced! I miss you! 🙏🏻

  2. michele and jimmy "cheeseburger" forrester

    To the friends and family, and to Holly, we are so sorry for your loss. I have known Trey for several years, and it is sad to hear that he is gone. We moved away from that town in 2011, after 2 shootouts and other events, happened in the apt. Complex where we lived. We.Knew for the sake of the kids and our lives, it was time to go. To Holly, we cant imagine the pain and heartache you are going through. Its your time now, for the sake of of your children and for you, its time time to move on. Its up to you now hun, to raise them up to be something Trey could be proud of. Remind them daily of how much their daddy loved them, and dont let the pain and anger harden your heart, they need you now more than ever. Rest in peace my friend. Sincerely, Jimmy “cheeseburger”and Michele Forrester

  3. Rest easy dog all dogs go to heaven. You and family will be in my prayers. Swopp blood r.i.p

  4. I have known this guy for better part of 15 yrs. And I can truelly appreciate this article I thought for sure it would be swept under the floor just another black guy died in the ghetto nobody deserves that ,especially over a cell phone he was just trying to protect the family and put food on table he will be missed!!

    • I have known larnell for 21 years he called me his lil bitty. I am sad mom i am sorry to hear this. Much love and respects crystal and fawn your old neighbors

  5. Jack Cameron, I can’t thank you enough . It’s not everyday that someone takes the time to recognize that we all are human and loved by someone. Larnell is my cousin and we have always been close. It hurts my heart to know that he will never be here but I will not forget the good times that we had as children and as adults. I’m sure that he would be just as happy to know that someone out there besides his family actually care and love him.
    R.I.P. Larnell Griffin,
    Marcus D. Stewart

  6. I been know him for bout 5 year’s good man, i am good friend wit this mother… RIP on and my condolences goose out to his family

  7. R.I.P my neighbor an friend. I miss all ur noise, our early morning sessions an most of all i miss u Trey (Larnell)… its too quiet…

  8. Rest in peace Larnell, I pray that your soul is at ease. Know that you are thought of often, and missed by many.

  9. Cheryl Hackney

    I met Larnell and his mother and sister when he was a child and became good friends with them when we were next door neighbors. I saw Larnell grow up and have a ton of memories of him. I had not seen him for about nine years until today, and unfortunately that was at his wake. Rest in peace Larnell Griffin. You have always had a special place in Auntie’s heart.

  10. he was my sister in laws brother well closest thing to a brother she ever had and was a friend of mine. appalled by the lack of coverage that could have been the difference in finding all who was involved and brought to face the crime that need a food man’s life.. rip larnell

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