First Tacoma Homicide of 2015: Jesus Isidor-Mendoza

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Jesus Mendoza and his son

In the early afternoon of Monday February 10th a resident reported to police that there was a nylon bag containing what might be a body in a ravine near the 3000 block of Delin Street near South Tacoma Way. The bag was found in a steep area that was difficult to access behind an abandoned house frequented by transients.

On Tuesday the body was identified as 18-year-old Jesus Isidor-Mendoza, father of one.  He’d been missing since October of last year. On October 22nd, Jesus left his mother’s house to go to class at Pierce College. He never arrived for class and he never returned home. His mother later reported him missing.

Police arrested two men in their 40s and one woman in connection with the death of Jesus. Charging papers state that Jesus met the two men in a detached garage that they lived in. For reasons unknown, Jesus was raped and drowned using a bucket of water. The assailants then cut his body into pieces, sealed them in plastic bags, and put those bags in a nylon bag. The nylon bag was found in the ravine.

This is easily the most horrific homicide I’ve ever written about in Tacoma. All three suspects are being held without bail.

As always, the comments section is reserved for those who knew Jesus Isidor-Mendoza and want to share memories of him.

– Jack Cameron

16 responses to “First Tacoma Homicide of 2015: Jesus Isidor-Mendoza

  1. It’s a shame, you were a good friend bro. Rest easy, another homie lost but never forgotten

  2. i grew up with him man 😭 he was the homie

  3. Mathew was an amazing person I’ve known since we were 13 , he will forever be missed and love dearly.

  4. Please keep this updated on information it really is appreciated

  5. I’ve lost over 50 friends, some of which I consider family but Jesus, you meant the most to me. You’ve had such a huge impact on my life in the 5 years I’ve known you. I’m glad I’m able to say that you were my friend, my family. I’ll be at the candle light tonight to show my respect

  6. Love and miss you so much Jesus , ill never forget the first day I met you . You have always looked over me and my brother , always protecting us and making sure we were safe and going to school . You are the greatest person I have ever met . You were such a blessing and humble soul to be around . You had so much talent , potential , knowledge , and motivation . I hope you still look over us as your in heaven and that I make you proud . I miss your jokes and life stories and lessons you taught me . Rest in paradise big brother love you ❤ Never forgotten , your always in my prayers and heart . #JusticeForJesusIsidorMendoza 🙏

    • I can’t believe you’re gone homieI i will miss your family and friends love you and will never forget the impact you had in are live . you had a kind heart and brought smiles to every one who know you I hope jusus ‘s family gets the closure they need even tho pain will always remain in are hearts

  7. Damn homie I leave the city for a year an I come back and this is what I get to see damn homie I miss you so much u will always be in my heart till the day I die

  8. dakota hettling

    rest in paradise homie there Is a heaven for a G I love u jesus!!!

  9. R.I.P Mathew💜 Gone but never forgotten.

  10. Your article naming the first homicide in Tacoma 2015 naming Jesus Isidor Mendoza, is sadly mistaken.
    My brother James Payne was brutally murdered on January 30th.
    The assailant killed him by hitting him over 60 times with a claw head hammer.
    The trial begins October 8 th.
    The assailant had 16 felony convictions and over 25 misdemeanor convictions.
    How he was let out the front door of pierce county jail after violating probation just 9 days prior to killing my brother, is a question Tacoma citizens should be asking.
    How many other habitual offenders are walking the streets freely to kill?
    Tacoma won’t face the problem and expand the jail and court system as needed to keep these dangerous offenders behind bars where they need to be in order to assure the safety of the residents of this lawless city.
    Three Strike law?
    It’s on the books but is not being used. Why?
    That’s the question Tacoma needs to be asking.
    Lisa Wells

    • Lisa, first and foremost let me say how sorry I am for your loss. I remember this incident. The Pierce County Sheriff’s Department was the investigating agency and the killing was said to have occurred in Parkland.
      Unfortunately with my limited resources, I’m not able to cover all of the homicides in Tacoma’s surrounding areas and so I only write about the one that take place within the City of Tacoma. If I included Parkland, I’d have to include Spanaway and Lakewood and Fircrest and University Place and soon it would be unmanageable as there are sadly far too many homicides in our area such as your brother’s.

      Again, I’m truly sorry for you loss. I’m also sorry that I don’t have the resources to cover homicides outside of Tacoma. Every life is precious and nothing like what happened to your brother should happen to anyone.

  11. RIP Jesus. You, Nick, and I had some pretty fun times together when we were little. I’ll always remember how much of a bad ass you were back then.

  12. Damn still can’t believe it. Lake City misses and loves you brobro. LIP Jesus

  13. Rest eazy bro it’s been a year and I’m still missing you big bro always in my heart

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