Seventh Tacoma Homicide of 2014 Renee Brooks

reneebrooksIt was between five and six in the morning on Thursday July 3rd. A man walked into his apartment in the 1100 block of Highlands Parkway just off of Pearl Street. Witnesses heard two or three shots. And then he left.

The next day on the Fourth of July, a friend and coworker of 28-year-old Renee Brooks’ stopped by that apartment. They had become concerned about her whereabouts and came to check on her.  The friend found Renee’s body and called the police.

Renee’s death had been caused by multiple gun shots. Renee’s husband would be found and arrested on Tacoma’s South Side near South 49th Street on Saturday.

Renee worked at Subway and had previously worked at the Tacoma Rescue Mission. Renee, her husband and 3-year-old daughter had only moved into that apartment a few weeks ago. Neighbors say there were frequent fights.

Renee has become the seventh Tacoma homicide this year and the sixth Tacoma homicide this year that involved domestic violence. When the person responsible for the murder is a romantic partner, a parent, or child of the victim a homicide becomes an even worse tragedy for the family. Love ones are shocked and torn up by such a stunning event. Often it’s nearly impossible to reconcile the violent actions with the loved ones they once knew.

If you or someone you know is involved in a situation or relationship that is abusive or violent, I urge you to look into some of the resources at the link below. I’d rather not have to write an article like this about you.

As always, the comments section is reserved for friends and family of Renee Brooks. Please share your thoughts and memories of Renee with us. Tell us about her life and what Tacoma has lost with her death.

–          Jack Cameron

2 responses to “Seventh Tacoma Homicide of 2014 Renee Brooks

  1. Dee Dee Willett Bauer

    I have been shocked and sadden by this tragedy. Rene was a diamond in the rough and her love of her daughter and her family she shared with me. My name is Dee Dee and I was her PCAP advocate for a period of time when her daughter was born. I came to love her cheerful smile, phone calls on her traveling journeys and when she asked for help I was there to support her if she needed me. She and I kept in close contact until march of this year. She would call me and share her daughters achievements laughing, talking, walking, singing, dancing and just playing with her toys. She road the bus here and there and walked when necessary to get to her appointments. I loved coming north and taking her to court, K-Mart for pictures of her baby girl, and we also drove by the Subway she worked at and she would share how she loved that job and how the people/friends helped her with this job each time she returned to the area.To think that she will never call me again, leave me texts or video’s sharing her happiness breaks my heart and to learn who was responsible for her death once again shows domestic violence is serious and dangerous and without knowing it can happen at any moment. She spent years fearful of her baby’s daddy only to end up back in that situation. I would like to extend my heart felt condolences to all that loved her. The special friend she loved and had supported her for years thank you for loving and caring for her like I have since 2011. Rene was an amazing lady, her spirit will always be apart of me. I have many pictures of her and her daughter when she was pregnant and gave birth and if her parents would like to contact me I would be happy to forward them to you.

    • I’m her sister, April
      And that was a great story of her precious life, so soo correct. If u could get in contact with me I’m on facebook, under April Shultz. I’m looking for keepsakes, pics. I’ll also try to contact u.

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