Second Tacoma Homicide of 2014 Jayceon Thomas


On April 11th, a father brought his 8-month-old son into Mary Bridge Children’s hospital. The child had stopped breathing. Doctors noticed signs of abuse and contacted the police. A day later, 8-month-old Jayceon Thomas was dead. Jayceon’s death is Tacoma’s second homicide this year.

Jayceon’s father was not with him at the time of the abuse and is not a suspect at this time. My thoughts go out to the family of Jayceon. As always, the comments section is reserved for those close to Jayceon to share memories of him with the rest of us who never had a chance to meet him.

All homicides are tragic but the death of someone so young is especially difficult.  Here’s hoping that the Jayceon’s killer is brought to justice and that his family knows peace.
– Jack Cameron

One response to “Second Tacoma Homicide of 2014 Jayceon Thomas

  1. Vanessa Henderson

    Mommy loves you so much Jayceon I kove and miss you i think about you every day. I know there is more to what is being told i feel it deep inside. im so sorry i couldnt get to you sooner nobody would help me get your dad served i asked everbody for help. my request got ignored from the courts family everyone. They just sat there and watch go through the emotions and cry everyday. i hope you got a chance to wear the clothes and toys i dropped of on your dads door step. You so big and cute n all your pictures boy boy stinky doo doo butt. I love you hamburger ill never forget the way you looked at me the 1st time i felt at peace love an happyiness is when i was with you. Now its back to living in hell but way worse i dont nobody in my corner i pray to go you were here. Good night boy boy.. ill never forget..

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