Eighth Tacoma Homicide of 2013: Jalon Bea

Around 4pm last Friday, 17-year-old Jalon Bea was near South 43rd and South G Street with a group of people. There was a shot. Jalon was hit in the chest. His father was able to make it to St. Joe’s Hospital before Jalon died from the gunshot wound.

Jalon was a student at Stadium High School and the eighth Tacoma homicide victim this year. He was the first teenager homicide this year. The investigation at the time of this writing is still ongoing and little information has been released.

It’s always a tragedy when someone so young is killed. As always, the comments section is moderated and reserved for those who knew Jalon and want to share memories of him.

I will write more information when and if there is more released.

Update: A 19-year-old man has turned himself into police for the shooting of Jalon Bea. A rally to celebrate the life of Jalon is being held at Lincoln Park on Tuesday October 16th.

Update 2: Charging documents state that Jalon was standing with a group of people who were passing around a .38 Revolver. One of the people in the group believed he had unloaded the gun and was playing around with it. He pointed it at Jalon, and pulled the trigger. The shooting was accidental and a tragic reminder that guns must always be treated as if they are loaded. The 19-year-old shooter has been charged with first degree manslaughter.

– Jack Cameron

18 responses to “Eighth Tacoma Homicide of 2013: Jalon Bea

  1. Rest in paradise Jalon. You are love and missed.

  2. Christine R Smith

    Gone too soon. No mother should have to bury their child at the age of 17 over something so senseless. My heart goes out to the Bea family.

  3. jalon was like a brother to me r.i.p jalon were going to miss you why your in the sky

  4. i love you jalon ❤

  5. Stephen Henry Waters V

    I knew Jalon personally and he was like my own son……..I still here his voice and see his brilliant smile as he would greet me and say “what’s up BIG STEEEVE!” He left a message for me at 12:34 saying to contact him via facebook ASAP…………..I never heard from him again. I miss you and love you little fella! #BIG STEEVE

  6. Keonna Hedgemon

    I miss you Jalon!! You have rocked all of Washington! You will me be missed. You will forever be my werewolf and crush!

  7. Last time I saw him I was sad he knew somthing was wrong .. He told me he loved me and he told me no boy was worth my tears and said I was beautiful .. To this day I smiled but you know what he is worth my tears when jalon died I cried that’s my bestfriend .. I love you baby R.I.P ❤ your never forgotten

  8. I love you so much brother I’m trying to stay up for you. R.i.p. Gone but never forgotten. Your missed so much.

  9. MY nigga its messed to know that your gone like of all people my big bro fucks it tha last person i woulda thought to die this soon was you like i still dont believe your gone dont wanna believe R.I.P To Jalon B. Gone But Not For Gotten

  10. To the Bea Family: our condolences.

  11. While going through numerous posts and news articles about my son, Jalon Damion Bea. I came across this news story. I realized I never saw this one, nor was I ever interviewed.

    As I sat back and reflected on my son’s life and the 17 years I had to spend with him, I asked myself……..what was his purpose? What was his reason for being? What was the reason for him dying? His purpose: To spread GOD’S word and let his light shine through every time he expressed love, showed love and gave love. What was his reason for being: Apprenticeship to GOD. To train and suit up in the LORD’s armor while in training here on earth to execute his plan and spread joy. He was our carpenter. Carpenter of Love, Kindness and Forgiveness. Finally, Reason for him dying: His plan here on earth was cut short by someone who’s free will was to take another person’s life, My PRINCE! My HERO! My SON!

    As his mother: I knew all his friends or at least knew of them and I want to go on record to say that the person responsible for killing my son, Tanielu Lotovaivai, was not his friend nor did he even know him.

    Vengeance is mine, I will repay, saith the LORD. Romans 12:19.

    Stop the violence and BEA the change!

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  13. Miss you so much Jalon.. I just still don’t even want to believe this, even after your funeral & burial it still seems so unreal you will always be in our hearts & on our minds Jalon! ❤

  14. i didnt believe you were gone, even me being at your funeral. it just seems so unreal, . #your gone, but will never be forgotten. miss you so much

  15. Jalon you were so close with my big sister and your gone it hurts and its unreal to believe it i miss you and just know your still in my heart no matter what see u up there buddy I love you ps. Daija says hi best friend

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  17. Aislinn Turner

    Sitting back reading this brought me to tears. I miss you soooo much jalon. Just knowing 30 mins before this happen I seen you. I wish I would’ve stayed but I know your watching over all of us. r.i.p baby boy

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