Third Tacoma Homicide of 2013 Donald Phily

A little after midnight on Friday March 29th police received phone calls reporting gun shots near South 72nd and Pacific. At the nearby Morgan motel they found 42-year-old Donald Phily dead from gunshot wounds.

At the time of this writing there is still very little information being released to the public. There are probably a couple of reasons for this. One is that in the first few hours of a homicide investigation the police like to keep information quiet because it helps find the person responsible. (If someone has information that the news never reported then they know that person might be valuable to the investigation.)

The other reason that there is very little news coverage of this homicide is that the Morgan is known for frequent criminal activity and while crime in Tacoma is nowhere near the levels that it used to be, someone getting killed on the South Side of Tacoma in a cheap motel room isn’t what some news outlets would call ‘newsworthy’.

I do my best to report every homicide that happens in Tacoma because every death affects friends and family of the victim. They’re all important deaths. If I had the time and the resources, I’d cover more than just homicides.

My heart goes out to the friends and family of Donald Phily and I hope his killer is brought to justice. As always, the comments section is reserved for the victim’s friends and family to share their memories of Donald. These victims of homicides may be gone, but we can preserve the memories of them for others because each of them is a Tacoma Story.

– Jack Cameron

8 responses to “Third Tacoma Homicide of 2013 Donald Phily

  1. I haven’t seen Donny in over 20 years, but what stands out in my mind was his sense of humor, and his ability to make me laugh. My condolences to his family.

  2. My sympathy and prayers to his family and may he rest in peace. He is a human being and deserves to be mourned and his memory honored.

  3. Donny didnt deserve this, he was just trying to get his life on the right track, I hope his murderers rot in hell, Ive known donny since he was a little boy and played with my children, He wasnt perfect but he didnt deserve to be betrayed and murdered , Its just a matter of time before all those involved pay for this betrayal, how you sleep at night is beyond me, you have no respect for human life ,your time will come and the truth will come out.There is always those that will spill their guts to save their own hide, THINK ABOUT THAT !!!!

  4. My husband and I adopted Mr. Phily’s daughter. I am very sad that these people took his life. Not only did they rob Mr.Phily of life, they robbed my daughter of meeting her birth father. Something we can never offer her. Deepest condolences to Linda.

  5. April Pennington

    i have known Donny for 20 plus years.I am devastated to hear this horrible news.. I had to break the news to one of his oldest best friends.. . My condolences to his family as well xoxoox

  6. Lashonda Craig

    In memory of Donald Philly
    Where do I start Donnie was my friend he touched a lot of lives in many ways he leaves behind his fiancé Brenda and there beautiful baby girl the people who took him from us aren’t people at all there monsters compassion they lack in a blink of an eye they shattered worlds a d devastated lives threw our memories Donnie lives on and threw are hearts he is forever remembered I thank god for him he was my friend we love you Donnie and forever you are missed

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  8. I was Donnie’s fiance brenda. I just recently gave birth to Donald Jr. all I can say is thank GOD he left us a big part of him, and he named his son.

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