First Tacoma Homicide of 2013: Tyliah Young

Tyliah YoungIt’s been brutally cold lately in Tacoma. The other night I walked from my house to my friend’s without a coat. His place is just four houses away. I was so cold when I got there that I stayed for an hour just to warm up. A little over two miles away on Saturday morning, 23-year-old Tyliah Young was found in an alleyway near S. 12th and Ainsworth. Her body was frozen. There was frozen blood present causing police to believe it was not the elements that killed her. Today the medical examiner released her cause of death as multiple gunshots to the head.

Tyliah was from New York and had talked of going back there where she had family. Friends and family say she was a happy person. She had two young daughters.

Some people will say that a homicide on Tacoma’s Hilltop is nothing new. They will say that it’s an area famous for violent crime. And they’re right about that much. However, Hilltop’s reputation is far worse than the reality. In the years since the gang and crime filled days of the early 1990s, Hilltop has emerged as a better neighborhood full of new businesses and an active community. As a life-long citizen of Tacoma, there was a time when I wouldn’t even drive in Hilltop at night. Now, I feel safe walking those same streets.

Tacoma’s first homicide of 2013 is tragic and here’s hoping it’s one of the few this year. As always, the comments section is reserved for friends and family if they want to share thoughts or stories about Tyliah for others to read. I’m sorry for your loss.

Crime Stoppers is offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the person responsible for Tyliah’s murder.

–          Jack Cameron

19 responses to “First Tacoma Homicide of 2013: Tyliah Young

  1. yolanda marbury

    Justice needs to be serve….

  2. please bring our family some closure if anyone wants to snitch GOD BE IT nows the time to do so. RIP KUZZO we LOVE U . ya cousin MIKA

  3. Someone knows and need to speak up …she was a loving person and she didn’t deserve this …

  4. this is soo sadd:( someone speak up

  5. please help us find the killer of my cousin tyliah any little information is needed rip tyliah

  6. My house is right on the alley, I can’t even go out there anymore. I want the family of Tyliah to know that my family is praying for yours. I am so so sorry for your loss. May she rest in peace until you meet again, one sunny day.

  7. Praying for this family

  8. please give justice for my sister she didnt deserve this 😦

  9. I hope someone actually comes forward and does something for this poor girl! I wish I could have helped her, I was in exactly the same spot she was a year ago, same age, I HAD to get out of Tacoma. I was so mad about a different website I visited with this story, where some idiot was blaming the victim. ANYONE can be a victim of violent crime, and no one deserves this. This is just so sad. I’m sure police are doing all they can — but they probably need more evidence (if they have any) which means people need to come forward and TALK! Hopefully this happens. I pray for her, and for her family. She’s beautiful and I hope her babies are safe. The person who did this will pay.

  10. it’s not snitcing that’s doing the right thing if you know who did this and don’t say anthing your just as guilty as the person who did it you will be judged by by our GOD and i’m telling you , you don’t want that

  11. Wallace grimsley

    This tyliah right hand my nigga. Who ever commited this barbaric act of decadence is going to get what they deserve. Love you Ty money. Always in my heart. Wallace your black white boy.

  12. Seeing TYLIAH in that coffin has been devasting to me n her friends n family…T
    YLIAH baby girl your killer or killers will come FORWARD because you didn’t Deserve to be MURDERED like

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  14. I miss her and would not miss the chance for her killer to be brought justice tyliah I love and miss you

  15. My daughter Alexis was friends with Tyliah and was devastated to hear about her murder. She had a baby girl yesterday and named her Taliah.

  16. Didn’t know her but its not fair how someone took her from her kids

  17. She was a sweet girl, it hurts looking at Facebook memories of our conversations…

  18. I miss my cousin if anyone has any information about my cousin murder please let the police department know or if the person that did this is reading this turn yourself in please if you have any more remorse you would turn yourself in because if this was you you would feel the same way we do this is family I love my cousin to death we want Justice and we need Justice please anyone who knows anything about the murder of my cousin please say so please help the police figure out who did this to my cousin I love her and I miss her I cannot live a day without knowing who did this to my cousin we’re all suffering we need to know who did this we want Justice she’s 23 years old 2 kids please somebody help us find the murderer who killed my cousin because she has two kids and they are very young it’s going to be hard for them to understand, everyday asking me where’s my mommy what can I tell them I know that I’m going to the funeral hurt them more rest in peace Tyliah C.Young

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