Tenth Tacoma Homicide of 2012: David Watson

Early Sunday morning, 45-year-old David Watson got in his pick-up truck and went looking for his dog. He apparently found his dog and stopped at a convenience store on S. 56th and S. Lawrence Street. While he sat in his pick-up truck somebody shot him. David then drove a couple of blocks before veering off the road. Neighbors reported the revving truck engine. David was found dead behind the wheel. His dog was with him.Ā Surveillance cameras show two men running away from the pick up truck at the convenience store. Police are currently looking for these two men.

By all accounts this wasn’t a robbery or a drug deal gone bad. No one seems to know what exactly led to this tenth homicide in Tacoma this year. What is known is that David Watson will be missed and that his friends and family as well as this site hope that his killer is brought to justice soon.

As always, the comments section is reserved for those who knew David to share with us who he was and remember him. I approve every comment on this site so don’t be surprised if it doesn’t pop up right away. Here’s hoping this is the last Tacoma homicide this year.

UPDATE: A 16-year-old boy has been arrested in connection with the death of David Watson. Reports say that the boy and another 16-year-old boy confronted David demanding his possessions. He reportedly laughed at them and attempted to grab the gun and was shot during the confrontation.

– Jack Cameron

2 responses to “Tenth Tacoma Homicide of 2012: David Watson

  1. I knew David from school, not well, but enough to recognize his photo on the news. God bless you ole classmate and prayers to his family. It is always sad to hear of a loss of a familiar face, or anyone for that matter. But this is tragic, and I hope his murderers are brought to justice. If not, they will answer to the highest of powers later. David will have his justice.
    So long David

  2. Just an update. The 2 pieces of filth who killed this wonderful man will be out before they reach David’s age. The accomplice will be out in less than 8 years, thanks to out wimpy legal system. He is currently 19. Will still have plenty of young life left to re-join his gang banging idiot buddies to make more victims. RIP Mr. Watson

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