How Tacoma Was Forever Cured Of Bieber Fever

Tuesday Justin Bieber played the Tacoma Dome. I didn’t attend. Wednesday Justin Bieber got on Twitter and told his 28 million fans that someone at the concert has stolen his and his manager’s stuff. He called the event ‘lame’ and ‘disrespectful’. However, it turns out that Bieber never filed a police report with Tacoma Police. And security footage from the Tacoma Dome shows that no theft actually took place. And now it turns out that the entire thing was a publicity stunt for his new music video.

In the past, Tacoma was known for its crime and rightly so. The early 90s had an influx of gang members from California that turned certain parts of this city into a small war zone. However, in the 20 years since then, Tacoma has improved and changed. Like any other city, we still have our share of crime, but to make an accusation that thieves stole his stuff during a concert, Justin Bieber inflames a stereotype and he did it for his own publicity.

There’s more to it than that though. By saying there was a theft in the Tacoma Dome, Bieber effectively calls into question the security of the Tacoma Dome. This can make it so other, more talented acts don’t come to Tacoma. Sure, it’s out now that it’s a lie, but I think it’s safe to say that not everyone who heard of the theft is going to hear that it wasn’t real.  The Tacoma Dome should sue Justin Bieber and they should never invite him back. In fact, the City of Tacoma should declare this city a Bieber-free zone.

Justin Bieber, take your cheap lies and your bad music and don’t ever come back. You’re not welcome  in the City of Destiny.

–          Jack Cameron

4 responses to “How Tacoma Was Forever Cured Of Bieber Fever

  1. Jus a lil something his publicist left out from his Tacoma visit,
    Justin Beaver while in Tacoma for his concert went up into the hills just outside of Eatonville to do a lil bear hunting. Within minutes he see’s a bear and takes a shot at it.

    The bear, walks over to him and asks wtf are you doing? Bboy answers I’m huntin bear. The bear replied well lil city boy dont come up here huntin, for shootin at me with that pea shooter I’m gonna have to stump break ya.
    Afterwards the bear walks off leavin b boy with a funny lookin walk and pissed off.

    On his way back to town he calls his agent and says go buy me a bigger rifle than the one I took with me this am.

    Once he picks up the rifle he heads right back up there and spot the bear again and shoots him again. And again the bear stump breaks him again and walks away.

    Furious and throwing a temper tantrum that would make a two year old proud, he again calls his agent and says find me the biggest rifle in Tacoma.

    Now armed with the biggest rifle in Tacoma purchased at Welcher’s gun shop on Pacific ave in Tacoma,

    Bboy again finds the bear and KA BOOM,

    Just as b boy is pickin his now severely bruised and sore rear end up off the ground, the bear walks over an says,

    You arent comin up here for the huntin now are ya?

  2. That’s not nice to say that JB SUCKS. HE’S WAY BETTER THAN YOU. he’s out making millions. If you’re so talented then go sell out MSg in 30 seconds and also having 5 number one albums. Hope you can do that too!!!!

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