5 Question Friday With Barry Watson From Pint Defiance

Up until now, Tacomans had to go all the way up to the awesome 99 Bottles in Federal Way (pictured here) to find specialty beers. The Watsons’ Pint Defiance promises to be just as much fun.

Beer. It’s one of the foundations of civilization. At the end of a long day there are  few things better than an ice cold beer.

Beer lovers in Tacoma know of the handful of places throughout the city that have a better than average beer selection. I’m not talking about a place with Red Hook ESB. I’m talking about a place they might carry Old Engine Oil. The bottom line is that Tacoma simply doesn’t have a specialty craft beer store. This fall that will all change when Barry Watson opens Pint Defiance.

As soon as I heard about this, I tracked down Barry Watson who is co-owner with Renee Watson and asked him if he’d like to be part of 5 Question Friday and tell us all about this new venture. Here’s Barry.

1. What is Pint Defiance?

A retail store and taproom dedicated to the love of great beer. We will stock hundreds of labels & have draft taps also. You can purchase bottles, fill growlers, enjoy a pint & attend tasting events.

2. Why do you think Tacoma is a good place for a Craft Beer Store?

I have always felt that a store solely dedicated to craft and quality beer has been something missing from Tacoma business landscape. Good beer has become such an integral part of northwest culture and lifestyle that we wanted to celebrate it.

3. What is the most underrated beer out there?

I’m not sure if they qualify as underrated, but I have really been enjoying some of the smaller Hood River breweries. Everybody’s Brewing, Country Boy IPA & Double Mountain, Vaporizer Pale are super tasty right now.

Also, Shane Johns & Sean Jackson at the Engine House #9 have really stepped up the quality and variety of beers that they offer.

4. What other projects are you involved in?

I recently sold the restaurant that I opened back in 2003. This is my main focus right now. My wife Renee and I are building this from scratch, so it takes a lot of time and effort. (Although the fine folks at the Red hot let me make a guest appearance behind the bar from time to time.)

5. When you’re going out for a beer, what Tacoma bars do you like?

Both the Red Hot & the Parkway Tavern have an unmatched selection & range of beer. Not just in Tacoma, but in the region. Either bar can easily hold its own against any pub in Seattle.  Also, you can’t beat a enjoying a fresh pint in the beer garden at 7 Seas (I know it’s not Tacoma, but my palate does not discriminate geographically).

I’d like to thank Barry for taking the time to join me on 5 Question Friday. Rest assured that when Pint Defiance opens you’ll be reading more about it here. 

If you or someone you know would like to be part of 5 Question Friday, email me at jackcameronis@gmail.com

– Jack Cameron

3 responses to “5 Question Friday With Barry Watson From Pint Defiance

  1. You could also venture to South Tacoma and check out Beer World, formerly know as 56th St Pipe and Tabacco.

  2. And then there is University Place’s Wine Bank and Beer Vault, about 3 blocks away from Pint Defiance’s location. They advertise in The Volcano. $2 off growlers on Thursday. They’re no 99 Bottles, but they are a local growler fill. Plus lots of specialty beers.

    And don’t forget Tacoma Boys. Was talking to Donna and looked down Dogfish 120 Minute. I only bought 2 bottles.

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