5 Question Friday With Market On Market’s Patricia Lecy-Davis

A couple of weeks ago I met up with my friend Clay Richart who you may remember from Fingerprint Confections. He told me that his famous caramel candies were going to be sold in a new place up on Market street called Market on Market. I was immediately interested. He suggested I talk to Patricia Lecy Davis. She was only too happy to join me this week for the return of 5 Question Friday. Here’s Patricia.

1. What is Market on Market?

Market on Market is a year round local producer collective, showcasing unique goods made by people in our region. It will be open Tues-Thurs 2-7, Fri-Sat 10-7. Adam Martin will be the market concierge facilitating ongoing sales beyond what sits on our shelves for each vendor. It will be a dynamic space that changes constantly, and growing in offerings. We will be educating folks on what is local and what is not, along with why certain things may or may not be available at certain times of the year, or from this region.

2. What other projects are you a part of?

I am the Vice President and Co Founder of an organization called Go Local that supports independently owned business. We currently have around 300 members.

3. Why do you like doing business in Tacoma?

I love the connectivity between business owners and the community. We share common goals and customers as well.

4. How can people help if they’re interested in Market on Market?

Spread the word. Let folks know that they can get quality goods that will feed their body and soul, as well as support our local economy.

5. What do you think downtown Tacoma is missing?

Good public transportation, connectivity of neighborhoods and organizations, self esteem.

Market On Market is having its Grand Opening this weekend on Saturday, June 16th from 11am – 5pm. They are located at 1122 Market Street, Tacoma, WA 98402. 

I’d like to thank Patricia for joining me for 5 Question Friday and Clay for helping me get in touch with her. If you or someone you know would like to be part of 5 Question Friday, email me at jackcameronis@gmail.com

– Jack Cameron

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