Third Tacoma Homicide of 2012 Noah Walker

On Friday, March 30th, Aleesha Walker called 911 at around seven in the morning. The 28-year-old called to confess that she had murdered her 2-year-old son, Noah. Paramedics and police officers responded to the house in the 3600 block of South Thompson. Noah was taken to Mary Bridge Children’s hospital and pronounced dead. Aleesha was taken into custody.

Tacoma’s third homicide bothers me more than most. I’m of the opinion that no one really deserves to die. However, there are homicides that occur that are at least understandable if not justified. The murder of Noah Walker is the very definition of a senseless killing. A two-year-old child cannot be a threat and at worst can be an annoyance. Noah’s mother should have been the last person he needed to fear.

At TacomaStories, I try to focus on the victim, but it’s difficult to do with one so young. He never got to show Tacoma and the rest of the world what sort of person he could be. He never got the chance that everyone reading this has had. It was stolen from him by his mother. He had two years of life and is gone.

I wish there was more to write but there isn’t.

– Jack Cameron

10 responses to “Third Tacoma Homicide of 2012 Noah Walker

  1. shontelle greenhouse

    Not to mention she has an 11 year old daughter. My niece that my brother took full custody of when she was 3. Our family has tried to help this girl from herself. We would have never thought she would go this far. We believed Noah made her a better person. My niece loved her little brother and always asked for her dad to take him with them.. ;( he woulda too Just for his daughter to be happy. Were sorry Noah. Rest Peacefully now little guy.

    • It’s not right for you to let it be advertised about her daughter.. she needs to be protected… n doesn’t need to be caught up in this.. she lost her brother n her mother… n we’re all taking this hard.. rip noah “tinktink”<3

      • I think Shontelle’s comment is alright. She didn’t name the daughter or her brother who took custody of her. She’s still fairly anonymous.

  2. I am truly sorry to hear, that the only way, these little children can have both parents to participate is in an emergency. If the CPS know of cases like this unstable young woman, why not have a foster family to take her and the children in, maybe to help her, in an effort to move the path from murder to giving the child to someone who cares……..
    A representative for the children….

  3. Good point Louisa. Very senseless killing.

  4. Rhonda Gibson

    This indeed is a tragedy. Parents are given sole resposibility for these precious gifts of life. Unfortunatley CPS and family members are restricted by guidelines and laws. This is where children at risk fall through the cracks. Noah paid the price with his life because of the cycle of abuse. Aleesha was a two year old also. I wouldn’t wish her childhood on any person. She has to be held accountable for this great sin. I feel and wish those responsible for ruining her life were held accountable. Don’t be so quick to judge! You have no idea.

  5. I was wondering what happened to her daughter. Those who knew her and the Walker Famliy knew this info. Now my question is does the daughter and Noah have the same father??

    • No me and my brother do not have the same father. Thanks for wondering about me. Im still living is all I can say.

  6. Tink you were taking to soon and me and jon jon and of course the rest of your family & friends miss you dearly

  7. Its very unfortunate and breaks my heart to hear about what happend to this precious angel from God, I knew Aleesha and she was troubled but a kind and loving person and not once did i ever think she would harm her children. Its a huge shock and just flat out disappointing, he never should’ve had to go through that and had so much life to live…. RIP babyboy:((

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