5 Question Friday With Pierce County Match Up’s Kate Miller

I know the weather hasn’t entirely cooperated lately, but it’s March. It will soon be spring. Many of us could stand to lose a few pounds. And even more of us could use some cash. So when Kate Miller from Pierce County Matchup contacted me about her program, I thought a lot of local people might be interested in this. Rather than trying to explain it myself, I asked Kate Miller to join me for 5 Question Friday. Here’s Kate:

1. What is the Pierce County Matchup?

The Pierce County Matchup is a three-month weight loss challenge in which teams of five compete to win $18,000 in cash prizes (first prize is $10,000; second place is $5,000; third place is $3,000).  The winning team is the one that loses the greatest percentage of weight during the contest.

The contest begins March 16th and runs through June 8th. The winners will be announced on June 9th at the Roman Meal Sound to Narrows. The entrance fee is $20/month for three months (or $60) for each member of your team.  The $60 fee allows you to compete for the $18,000 in cash prizes.


2. How did the Pierce County Matchup get started?

The Pierce County Matchup is a collaborative effort between HealthyWage, a popular, national company that encourages weight loss with three challenge offerings and cash incentives, Pierce County YMCA and MultiCare. Since 2009, HealthyWage has been helping been helping people across the country lose weight and get fit because they recognize that wellness is valuable.


3. How can people participate in the Pierce County Matchup?

Anyone can join the Pierce County Matchup. Signing up is as easy as visiting the Pierce County Matchup website. Verified weigh-ins must occur on March 14th, 15th or 16th at the following times and locations listed here.


4. What is your favorite thing about this project?

The best part of the Pierce County Matchup is being a part of helping the community get healthy!


5. What’s next for Pierce County Matchup?

The Matchup lasts for three months and will culminate with the exciting announcement of winners on June 9th at the Roman Meal Sound to Narrows.


I’d like to thank Kate for taking the time to participate in 5 Question Friday. As always, if you or anyone you know is interested in participating in a future 5 Question Friday, contact me at jackcameronis@gmail.com

-Jack Cameron

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