Fourteenth Tacoma Homicide of 2011 – Michelle Johnson

On the evening of Friday, December 16th, 45-year-old Michelle Johnson had been hanging out with an acquaintance on Tacoma’s South Side. At some point, they began to argue. The argument went into the street. Someone in a vehicle passing by saw the argument and thought it was volatile enough to call the non-emergency number for the police. Michelle threw a couple of punches according to some witnesses. The acquaintance then got into a Chevy Tahoe while Michelle walked away. As Michelle was crossing the street on the intersection of South 43rd and J Street, she was hit and killed by the SUV driven by the acquaintance.

This is Tacoma’s fourteenth homicide of 2011 and hopefully its last. It’s also a painful reminder that what starts as a disagreement can become something deadly if the people involved can’t control themselves.

Later that night, Michelle Johnson’s killer was arrested. She admitted to arguing with Michelle. She admitted to being the only car on the street at the time Michelle was struck. She claims that she only drove near Michelle. She’s currently being charged with second degree murder. Due to a lengthy criminal record, she is being held with one million dollar bail.

Typically I don’t post vehicular homicides on this site. This is because often the charges aren’t filed right away and they aren’t normally counted in homicide statistics because they tend to be the result of accidents. However, this was no accident. This was someone using a vehicle to kill a specific person on purpose. That’s not negligence that resulted in the death of someone else. That’s murder.

Unfortunately, there’s not a lot to prevent this sort of thing from happening. There are plenty of people out there with unpredictable and volatile tempers. We can’t just lock them all up on general principal. Just remember, what might be an argument to you, might be something else entirely to someone else. Michelle was doing the right thing when she was killed. She was walking away.

As always, if you knew Michelle, please feel free to post your thoughts and memories in the comments section. I will not approve comments of hate. This is not the place for that. These posts are to remember those killed in Tacoma. Here’s hoping I’ll have to write less of them next year.

5 responses to “Fourteenth Tacoma Homicide of 2011 – Michelle Johnson

  1. mishelle, was a cool person who would give you the coat off her back and allways had time for her freinds. I talked with her the earlier that morning and she was telling me about how tired her hands where from work the night before, she told me her lead had asked to do a job no one liked doing and after she turned it down she noticed an elderly woman doing the job that was hired from a temp service so she took over the tough task, but the real reason she had called, was to have me check some faulty electrical in a home her mother, children, and grandchildren live in, she was very concerned about something happening in the home while her family was there. You will be missed LADY.

  2. I knew Michelle years ago and just found out of her demise. R.I.P.


  3. Michelle was my sister and miss her very much and wanted to remember ur birthday happy b day sis love Cathy
    And ur 3 new grandchildren u never got to see

    • I’m so sorry to you all who lost Michelle. What a tragedy.
      I’m doing research on this story about Michelle Johnson for a show on Investigation Discovery. I would like to get in touch with Michelle’s family and friends. I can be reached via email at

      • Hi. My names Erin and this is my aunt. If your interested in doing the story still. I can email you.

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