5 Question Friday With YOU!

This week we’re going to change it up a bit. Most of the people who come to this site are from Tacoma. So this week, 5 Question Friday is all yours. I’m going to ask 5 Questions and if you like, you can answer t hem in by commenting on this post. Let’s start with Tacoma Places.

Make your answers long or short, serious or funny.

1. Where is your favorite place in Tacoma to have a good dinner and why?

2. You’re drunk, but the night’s not over yet. What Tacoma dive bar is going to be graced with your presense?

3. What Tacoma business that is now gone do you wish would return?

4. Walking the waterfront. Ruston Way or Owen Beach?

5. What’s the most overrated place in the city of Tacoma?

I’ll be interested in what you come up with.

– Jack Cameron

5 responses to “5 Question Friday With YOU!

  1. 1. Caffe Dei, because it’s a great place to take your sweetheart on a dark, early night for elegant, awesome vegetarian food, as well as the best cup of coffee in town.

    2. Corner.

    3. Upper Crust bistro. It was the first place I discovered after moving to town, and a good place to go for a relaxing dinner (nearly synonymous with good pizza and drinks). Also really enjoyed their baked goods and sweets.

    4. Ruston Way.

    5. A slightly unfair response, but: every inch of the Tacoma Link’s rail. I ride it as often as I can, but it’s an almost entirely unhelpful part of the mix of Tacoma’s public transit situation. Maybe next decade…

  2. ‎1. My sister’s house in Brown’s Point, because I know I will enjoy the company.

    2. Probably some place with Karaoke. Dive bar Karaoke is best, because there is so little competent competition.

    3. The Polar Bear. I wanted to claim some of the art from the walls, but they tore it down before I realized it was condemned.

    4. Ruston Way. The access road to Owen Beach is creepy.

    5. Glass Museum. I like Chihuly just fine, but I think the museum takes it just a bit too far. Besides, I can just go across the street to the Swiss and see Chihuly glass while tipping a glass.

  3. 1. The Harmon – Good food, good beer, great atmosphere
    2. O’Malleys Irish Pub
    3. Commencement Bay Coffee Co.
    4. Owen’s Beach – Its gorgeous there, probably one of my favorite places in Tacoma, Ruston Way is always so packed!
    5. Um…? I guess I stay out of the overrated places?

  4. I just found your blog and am reading backwards. I hope you run these same questions again in maybe a year’s time when you have more readers and will get more answers. I would love to read a lot more, especially about the places people miss the most. Maybe you can do a feature on ‘our dearly departed’ places. There are so many, and growing even as we ‘speak’. It’s really true what they say…you can’t go home again. That’s cos the places you thought of as part of your home are long gone. (Answers from people in my age group could be especially interesting). I was a member of the first graduating class of Wilson High School. I remember it as shiny and new, and now it’s been torn down and replaced by a ‘futuristic’ structure. If someone didn’t know what happened, and you stood them in front of it, or inside, they would have no clue where they were. The same is true of Tacoma in general. The majority of the radical changes have occurred over the past 15 years or so, it hasn’t been a ‘gradual’ change for the most part. I wish we had a time machine. I also wish I had taken a LOT more pictures when I was young.

  5. BTW, I forgot to check the email option, I will check back weekly to see if you ever DO do an article on the places long gone. Great blog.

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