10th Tacoma Homicide of 2011 – Devondre D. Davis

Devondre D. Davis

At some point on Wednesday, September 7th, 16-year-old Devondre D. Davis went to the apartment of 20-year-old Anthony Clark on Tacoma’s East Side. Clark has given various accounts of why Devondre was there and what happened what he got there. What is known is that sometime after Devondre arrived he was  shot in the back of the head likely while near the bedroom closet.

Devondre’s body was found in a garbage bin in the 500 block of East 36th Street. Neighbors say Clark asked him if he could dispose of a body in the garbage bin. They then alerted members of the Tacoma Police Department’s Anti-Gang task force who were nearby on an unrelated call.

This tenth Tacoma homicide of 2011 is such a senseless waste of life that I actually have trouble writing about it. This is the second teenager murdered in Tacoma in the last two weeks. Here’s hoping this streak stops now.

Tacoma’s East Side has had its share of violence. Like the rest of Tacoma, it has improved over the years. Much like Tacoma’s Hilltop neighborhood, the East Side is held together by proud citizens who do not accept that this sort of violence has to be a part of their neighborhood.

We may never know the reason Devondre was shot and killed. In many ways, it doesn’t matter why. There isn’t a reason that is justifiable for what happened to him. It is a crime and a tragedy.

Devondre may be gone, but he is remembered. A Facebook Page has been posted in his memory. You can find it here: http://on.fb.me/nLJlg7.

You can also post comments below if you like. My thoughts go out to Devondre’s friends and family.

– Jack Cameron

11 responses to “10th Tacoma Homicide of 2011 – Devondre D. Davis

  1. Look how young he is, I don’t even know what to say. My heart and tears go out to his family and friends.

  2. This was my cosin and I cannot believe what has happened this is a tradgedy that should have never happened it is still so unreal to our whole family he will forever be missed and remebered he is now an angel watching our everystep and protecting the family I love you soooo much baby cousin rest in paradise

  3. I was walking to class today and I heard 2 big guys talking about someone getting shot and something about a body in a trash bin. As I was walking behind them they looked back as if i werent listening .

  4. cody A.K.A young sway

    i knew shorty and i knew A.C A.K.A anthony clark both were hella cool with each other. i dont get why anthony would shoot him anthony doesnt seem like the type to do that i honestley thik he was covering for someone else cuz i dont thik he has the heart to shoot someone. i always use to kicc it with anthony at lunch every day at lincoln high smoking with him he always had a smile on his face he never seemed mad. but he was following th wrong crowed a groop of kids claiming M.A.C makinaly avenue crips. now iv asked people about that click and everyone that i asked sayed it was fake there is no 64 mac and that makinaley avenue was full of bloods and sur 13. i tried to stear clear anthony from them cuz they was getting him introuble but for shorty i miss u loc im sad to hear that u passed away you always brought smiles to peoples faces everyone that knew u misses you i know ur above looking down and watching all the homies and protecting your family the best you can every time I look into the sky I always think of the dead homies that have passed away and now ur one of them everytime I look up ima be thinking about u to and thinking of how Anthony did you wrong but that’s what he gets he deserves to be in prison hes going to end up someones bitch hes going to drop the soap not because he wants to but because someone will make him. To ur family im sorry it had to go down like that it shouldn’t of happened. And shorty ull always be in peoples lives, ur in a better place where u can do what u want. Where ur safe out of harms way. Ill see u soon homie stay up cuz. Sincerely young sway

  5. I’ve known Anthony since he was a little boy. I didnt know the other young man, however, I am sorry for what happened. I don’t know what happened, none of us do. I will say, I dont think anthony understands the magnatude of what he did or what trouble he would get into (if he did do it). He is autistic. That is no excuse, only another look into what may have happened, what could have taken place.

  6. I would just like to say that I was Devondre’s auntie. He was a very smart, caring, and loving young man. H never met a stranger, and if you needed something. then he would just give you the shirt off of his back. I must also say that this murder has hurt both of the families. First we had to deal with the murder of my brother Paul Christopher Davis” AKA “Shorty” who was also cowardly gunned down and killed by a monster back in 1995. Now we have to deal with Devondre’s (Shorty,Poppa)
    murder. Not only did this MONSTER TAKE OUR BELOVED DEVONDRE from us, he also broke our hearts. I never thought that I would experience someone doing this to any of my family members, or let alone to any other human being.I really do not appreciate whoever posted that picture on face book of my nephew. There are now alot of racist websites (whites only,NNN) who are now dragging my nephew’s name through the mud. THIS IS NOT A LAUGHING SITUATION how would you feel if it happened to you.

  7. My thoughts & blessings go out to both Anthony and Devondres family. R.I.P. Devondre D. Davis

  8. Rest In Peace Poppa We Love And Miss You So Much . Just Know You Didnt Desrve Whatt Happened To You . Anthonys Dayy Is Comin To Him .
    But You Gott Your Golden Wings So Go Show Heaven Whatt Your Made Of And Make Itt Shine Like Theres No Tomorrow . I Cryy EveryDayy Thinking Aboutt You . Like Myy BestFreind Iss Gone . I Remember You Telling Me To Gett On The Desk And Dance BeCuhz We Had A Guestt Teacher And I Tried To Playy Shyy And You Putt Me On Blastt And I Could Do Nothingg But Laugh Att Thee Whole Situation . Then You Always Coming To Find Me After Class Telling Me To Give You A Dollar And I Wass Like Do You Think Im A Bank . Man I Remember These Dayys Like Itt Wass Yesterdayy . So To Remember I Playy a Sone Called Angel In The Skyy And Itt Goes something Like Thiis Theres An Angell In Thee Skyy And Hes Watchingg Over Me And I Jsst Sitt There And Sayy Thats Myy Boyy Shortyy . But Itss Hard Telling You I love You Over Your Grave . Jsst Save Me A Spott Upp There , And I Will Check On Bigg Momma For You . I Love You (Shorty / Poppa ) .

  9. devondrea u will be missed we all love u especcialy the family and me u are my cousin u are safe from harm we all miss u and is thinking bout u ur a angle in heaven i never heard anything seen u do anything wrong u are the child of god and everyong knows that i kno i do… and to tha anthony dude u gonna get it someday someone one is gunna hurt u bad i hpoe ur in there for life sentenced cuzz when u get ouht ahaha u dont even wanna kno whats gunna hapen to u aha i hope u aree in protected custody in jail cuuz u were on the news and his homies aint going down with out a fight… and to the family u had a lovin caring special good honest trust worthey son and no one can take that away from u i luhv youuu shorty a.k.a cuhzzin or papa

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