Help Save Comic Book Ink!

A couple months ago, I shared my friend John Munn’s story of trying to save his comic book shop, Comic Book Ink. He was $30,000 in debt and in danger of closing. The good news is that people have helped out tremendously and he’s very close to reaching his goal. The bad news is that he’s had to endure more personal tragedies and he’s not quite at that goal yet. If you can help, please do. His shop is on 84th Street. Right next to the Regal Cinemas.  Here’s John Munn with more information:
Hello Everyone (please share this):When I first sent out my appeal two months ago, I was truly overwhelmed by the level of support that washed over Comic Book Ink, both near (and very far away).

To recap:

When we moved from East 72nd to our new home, at the Lakewood Regal Cinemas Complex, we knew we would succeed, but we were $110,000.00 in debt.

I knew the shop could do it. Through the help of Angels, I had been able to juggle bills for eight years…including the huge drop in October of 2008. I had juggled as hard as I could up to that point and I just couldn’t juggle anymore. The economy was not recovery as fast as we needed, I was trying to help my father as he battled with health issues, my wife was no longer employed …there were a number of things that were draining my finances and I could no longer put them into the shop.

We were $30,000.00 away from not being able to stay open.

When the e-mail & FB Post went out, I got back a lot of mean spirited e-mails and phone calls:

–You should shut your doors
–You should lay off your staff
–You don’t deserve to be here
–You should close and just focus on your Dad
–You should not put your faith in your customers

They hurt deeply. But the one that hurt the most was about not putting my faith in my customers.

My Customers & Angles proved them wrong…in the last two months and three weeks, you have reduced that debt from $30,000.00 to $4,500.00 which, ironically, is the cost of this week’s shipment, and back debt payment to Diamond Comics (who have also been phenomenal and helped us greatly). This week’s invoice is $4,529.74.

Yes…there has been a slow down of people picking up their comics on a weekly basis, but they are trying to come in at least every other week or, at least, once a month.

About my staff. The store succeeds, and is what it is, because of them. The core group of our “Customer Family” know Alex, Josh & Carmen…and they are the reason that this folks come to the store. We would succeed together or we would end together. We might be less one appendix in the last three months (Carmen’s), but we are still here fighting.

My father ended his battle on August 10th, 2011 at 7:12pm. I am working through the process, with my two brothers, of settling his affairs and putting the life he left behind into order. From FB: “If there is anything that you consider to be a strength of mine…if there is anything that you consider to be the goodness is me…if there is anything that you value in my love for others…If there is anything that you admire in my support of community and every project I get to work on…it can all be attributed to the one person in my life…who guided, loved, supported, inspired, nurtured, taught, drove, cared for and made me who I am from my childhood into my attempts to be an adult: JOHN MUNN, SR. He passed away quietly last night and I hope I can continue to be the same model for my boys, and family, that he proved to be every day.”

Josh asked me yesterday: “Where are we?”

Will we close if we do not have the final $4,500.00?

I can’t juggle anymore…and this week, alone, is proving to be a rough one…the first two weeks of the month always are. I want to juggle, but I can’t.

I need a final run at this…I can’t do it by myself…and it kills me more than you know to even ask you.

We do need folks in this week…to help us finish this.

Please pick up your comics, starting today, and a little extra.

Please catch up your files if you have not.

Please consider purchasing a share.

Please help if you can.

Please remember:

Cash or Check, if possible (we do not have to pay any additional fees through the credit card machine)

We will also accept Credit Card (because of the situation, we are willing to pay the additional fees in order to obtain fiscal help)

If I am not there during the day this week, it is because I am working on matter regarding Dad or at the Lakewood Playhouse, briefly, continuing to assist them and their outstanding staff.

The shop has my phone number and will willingly give it out to folks who might be able to help.

The folks who have come forward, so far, have proved it time and time again over the last three months. They have poured there love into this place that I tried to build.

THANK YOU! Please, please, please…don’t let up now!!

This has been the hardest, most public thing, I have ever done…

Thank you for understanding…and thank you for the care and love you have shown so far.
-John Munn

Comic Book Ink

2510 S 84th, Suites 15A-B
Lakewood, WA

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