5 Question Friday With Tacoma’s Vicci Martinez From The Voice!

Vicci Martinez

Photo Courtesy of Hurricane of Lions Photography

Tacoma has always had a good music scene, but more often than not, musicians from Tacoma will make it big and will inevitably be linked to Seattle. Not so, with Vicci Martinez. A proud Tacoma native, Vicci recently hit the national spotlight in a big way on NBC’s The Voice. She was one of the final four on the show. And when she didn’t win, many thought she was robbed. Then again, as people like Clay Aiken, Jennifer Hudson and Chris Daughtry can tell you, you don’t have to win these shows to make it big.

This week, Vicci Martinez was nice enough to participate in 5 Question Friday.

1. What made you decide to try out on The Voice?

My gut told me this was going to be something different, and I needed to quit being scared and take the risk. I didn’t want people to be upset I was doing a reality show, singing covers blah blah, but I did it anyway, and what I have learned…your path is your path and don’t ever care what people think…because that’s when you stop living!

2. Where is your favorite place in Tacoma to sing and why?

I love a good old Jazzbones show! Good friends. Good times

3. How has Tacoma influenced your career?

Tacoma definitely grounds me.

4. There are a lot of indie local bands in the Tacoma area. Could you tell us some of your favorites?

I am a fan of Aaron Stevens and Goldfinch!

5. What’s next for you after The Voice?

working working working…. 🙂

I want to thank Vicci Martinez for taking the time with me to do 5 Question Friday.

As always, if you think you or someone you know would like to participate in 5 Question Friday, email me at jackcameronis@gmail.com  

You can find all things Vicci Martinez at her site: viccimartinez.com 

Finally, below is one of my personal favorites of Vicci’s

-Jack Cameron

3 responses to “5 Question Friday With Tacoma’s Vicci Martinez From The Voice!

  1. She’s pretty incredible.

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