5 Question Friday With Mr. Nice Guy Towing’s Adam Cameron

Mr. Nice Guy Towing 253-227-3982The idea behind 5 Question Friday is to let people know about locals who are doing something in Tacoma. Initially I thought that it’d be a bit unfair to include friends and family, but I quickly realized I have some really cool friends and family. This week’s 5 Question Friday I am joined by the owner of Mr. Nice Guy Towing, my brother, Adam Cameron.

If you’re in the Tacoma area and need a tow, calling him is your best bet.

1. How did you get your start in the towing business?

I got my start in the towing business after I got laid off from Hexcel and was on unemployment, I volunteered at Force One Towing just to learn the trade, I enjoyed the job right away and became very good at it. They offered me a position as a tow truck driver within the first couple weeks of volunteering, My first day on the job I knew I had found my niche.

2. What’s the strangest tow you’ve ever done?

I’ve had many strange tows, strange customers, and seen many strange things in my nine years in the towing industry. The strangest tow that I’ve done was actually for a friend of mine, his girlfriend was walking her horse along Valley Ave between Sumner and Fife and it had fallen over dead under the small bridge on that road, so I get a call from my friend to see if I would tow the dead horse from the side of the road to his mom’s farm for burial, so I came out with my flatbed with a tarp to cover the horse and made it happen.

3. What’s the one thing everyone should know about getting their car towed that no one seems to know?

There are so many ways I could go with this one, but I’m guessing the vast majority would want a nugget of info that could save them a lot of hassle and money so here it is: When you sell a car, turn in a sellers report right away and don’t sell a car without doing this. When a car goes to an impound lot, the last registered owner and legal owner are the only ones that get a call and have any rights to the car. They are also financially responsible for the car, a lot of times we contact the registered owner and they tell us they sold the car years ago. Unfortunately for them if they didn’t turn in a sellers report and the new owners didn’t put it into their names, the old owner is responsible for all storage and towing charges of the car which after 30 days is over $1000 and after the vehicle is sold at auction whatever amount is left on the bill goes to a collection agency in the last registered owner’s name.

4. What part of Tacoma tends to have the most frequent tows?

I don’t think there is an area of Tacoma that has more tows than another. I do end up in downtown Tacoma a lot, and Highway 16 is a common freeway for me. I end up in NE Tacoma some, which before I was a Tow Truck guy I would have called it Federal Way or Dash Point.

5. Is there any sort of tow you won’t do?

Nope if my trucks and I are capable, I will tow whatever whenever. Although I won’t do tire changes or out of gas calls if they are on the freeway. I will tow them instead to a gas station or tire shop. In my opinion it isn’t safe to do these things on the side of a freeway. I also won’t do vehicle lockouts if they left their baby in the car. I suggest break a window away from the baby, because I don’t need the drama or liability of the situation.

Thanks Adam at Mr. Nice Guy Towing. Having a the number of a tow truck handy can make a really inconvenient situation a little simpler. To contact Adam at Mr. Nice Guy Towing, call 253-227-3982.

– Jack Cameron

One response to “5 Question Friday With Mr. Nice Guy Towing’s Adam Cameron

  1. Great service and best price I could find for local tow. Good communication. No scam or added ambush costs.

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