A Life Well Lived: The Jennifer Paulson Story

Jennifer PaulsonOn the morning of February 26, 2010, Jennifer Paulson encountered a man in the parking lot of Birney Elementary School on South 76th Street in Tacoma. She had met the man years earlier in the cafeteria at Pacific University. Since then, the man’s interest in her had become so unhealthy that she’d gotten a restraining order against him. He’d even been previously arrested for violating the restraining order when she found he was following her. The danger this man posed became all too real that morning when the man shot and killed her. He left in a ten sedan and was confronted by police officers  hours later where he died after a brief exchange of gunfire. His death was ruled a suicide.

By all accounts, Jennifer Paulson’s death was a tragedy. In her thirty years of life, Jennifer Paulson had touched hundreds of lives. She was a special education teacher at Birney Elementary and it is not an overstatement to say that she was beloved.  She will not soon be forgotten. And now, writer Eric Lundberg is giving those of us who never met Jennifer Paulson a chance to get to know her.

A Life Well Lived: The Jennifer Paulson Story isn’t about Jennifer’s death, but the life she lived and the people whose lives she changed. It is a Tacoma Story.

All proceeds from the sale of the book go to causes Jennifer’s family feel Jennifer would have supported such as scholarships and educational support for children.

For more information and to purchase the book, go to http://jenniferannpaulson.com

–       Jack Cameron


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