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Third Tacoma Homicide of 2011 – Bridget 'Ginny' Thomas

Saturday morning at about 9:30a.m., someone walked up to a row of apartments on Tacoma’s hilltop on South 8th Street. Forty-nine year old, Bridget ‘Ginny’ Thomas had only lived in the apartment for a few months, but she’d been a resident of Tacoma for the last twenty-five years. Once inside, the person found Ginny dead. Police responded and determined that the death was likely a homicide.

Ginny had many friends and was a great grandmother. From all appearances, Ginny was another resident of Tacoma who deserved a long life and instead had it cut short. Details on this case are fairly vague right now so I’ll probably post more about this later.

Tacoma’s Hilltop was once the most crime-filled area in the city. In the violent days of the early 90s, Hilltop was so well known, that when I was visiting New Zealand, I told a guy I was from Tacoma and he said, “That’s where Hilltop is, right? I saw that last week on Cops.”

In the last few years, Tacoma’s Hilltop has changed dramatically with the help of the community and local small businesses. Unfortunately in recent months, the presence of gangs and drug dealers are becoming more and more common. It’s far too early to say if any of these recent changes in Ginny Thomas’ neighborhood had anything to do with her death. What’s clear is the Thomas was one of the people who made Hilltop better, not worse.  My thoughts go out to her friends and family and to the police in the hopes they quickly find her killer.

I’ll post more about this when and if there’s more to say. As always, feel free to comment, especially if you knew Ginny.

–  Jack Cameron


A Quick Comment About Comments

I’ve said this before but apparently it needs to be repeated. I understand that emotions run high when it comes to posts about Tacoma homicides. People who comment on this site are often people who knew the victim, the killer, or both. Because of this, all comments are moderated by me. And all threats will be forwarded to the police if necessary.

I don’t mind if you disagree with my assessment of the situation or if you want to counter another comment left by someone else. That’s all well and good. However, that means actually countering it, not just spouting off profanity for the hell of it.

Since I hadn’t done this whole Tacoma homicides thing in a few years I’d forgotten some of the undesirables who feel the need to spread their hate wherever they can.

On last thing, WordPress allows me to edit your comments if I feel the need to, so before you  think of posting something, you might want to remember that if you’re particularly offensive, I may just change you comment to be exactly the opposite of what you’d want.

Thank you for coming to the site. Treat each other nice and hopefully it’ll be a while before I have to update this site with report of another homicide and I can keep talking about things I love about Tacoma and movies and whatnot.

-Jack Cameron