Spring Time in Tacoma (and Third Homicide of 2008)

In the early hours of Saturday, May 10th, a party on South 41st Street was winding down. Thirty-two-year-old Tracy Steele was among the partygoers. At some point he got into an altercation with a few other unidentified men. At around 2:30am, shots were fired from a vehicle as it drove by and Tracy Steele was shot and killed.


Two and a half weeks later, this homicide does not appear to be any closer to being solved. While this is only the third homicide in Tacoma for 2008, there has been a distinct upswing in violence throughout Tacoma, including multiple shootings, stabbings, and other anti-social behavior. It’s spring time in Tacoma.


That isn’t to say that Tacoma is still the blood soaked festival of violence it was back in the early 90s. Far from it. That said, it’s not the time of year that you want to pick a fight in Tacoma unless you really mean it.


On the upside, Spring Time in Tacoma is a great time to go to Ruston Way or Point Defiance and have a good time. Or just have a BBQ. But on the flip side of that, Tacoma is also the place, where after a series of car break ins, someone spray painted in the street the message pictured above.


One response to “Spring Time in Tacoma (and Third Homicide of 2008)

  1. Rip uncle Tracy We love and miss you oh so much

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