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Tacoma's Oldest Unsolved Murder

Hey, I know it’s been kind of quiet here lately. This is both due to the lack of homicides in Tacoma lately (with any luck we’re done with them this year) and because I’ve been working on the upcoming release of my book. Don’t worry in the next few weeks I’ll be doing some more with this site. Regardless of how well my book does, I want to continue having a site that is mostly dedicated to Tacoma.
One of my favorite things about Tacoma is its rich history. Tacoma is like a city straight out of a crime novel full of corruption and heroes, victims and villains. The 1932 murder of Grace Stonequist is a good example of the kind of stories Tacoma’s history is full of. The Tacoma News Tribune’s Sena Robinson has a great article about this at the link below:
-Jack Cameron