14th Homicide of 2007

Twenty-year-old Dowell Thorn III and a friend dropped off a third person in 4300 block of South Cedar Street. Another man walked up and words were exchanged. The argument ended when the man pulled out a gun and shot Dowell in the torso and his friend in the leg. The man then got into a car and drove off.


The wounded Dowell got into his car and chased the gunman. He got about a half mile away before hitting a car and a utility pole. The friend and Dowell were both taken to area hospitals. Dowell was pronounced dead hours later.


Tacoma Police say they know who murderer is and it is likely only a matter of time before they catch him.


There are a few Tacoma lessons here. One is that most arguments are worth it. You’re probably not going to convince anyone and if the guy is a psycho, it can lead to bad things. Another lesson is that if you ever get shot, the thing to do is not chase down the guy who did it, get medical help. You are not Bruce Willis. You are not Mel Gibson. A gunshot wound is something that sends you to the hospital. Get patched up, then go get revenge. Or just do the smart thing and let the cops know who did it and let the wheels of justice slowly grind the sucker down.


This is homicide number 14 of 2007.


2 responses to “14th Homicide of 2007

  1. Alright so check it I know this is a little late, but I just read this! Dowell was the sweetest guy in the world. Not to mention the fact that he was wise beyond his years. I honestly believe the sarcastic comments about him NOT being bruce willis is/was unnecessary! I know without a shadow of a doubt that had he known that gunshot would have lead to his death he WOULD  have waited for help. These blogs or whatever they are called are extremely offensive and I thought since there weren\’t anyone reading them with a good enough mind to say so that I would select myself to do so. He had EVERYTHING to live and fight for but it the end the truth is it was his time to go. PLEASE anyone else reading this don\’t think of him as another statistic because that HE WAS NOT! He loved life and everything in it. Because he\’s gone his voice can\’t be heard! And people who get the story second hand that knew nothing about D can only speculate as to what they think was going through his mind. I know my boy and if there was any last thought he had it was to not let that ASSHOLE get away for fear that he may never be caught. Also I know he fought to live because he died HOURS later, and he had just had a new baby girl! While your posting B.S. please let the truth come out. He had a FULL TIME job, His own place, car, and his diploma! To me he couldn\’t be a statistic, because thouse never make it out eighth grade or their mother\’s houses by 20! Dowell never got to see his 21st birthday so instead of making thought;ess remarks about what you may think happened, just know one thing. His whole life had changed and for the better!! He was loved by most and hated by the one ASSHOLE that took his life. Why because he was doing so well, people who have nothing know only to expect nothing! I love you D! To me you will always be the lil bro I came to know at J.C. Keep smiling because god had something greater in store for you, your life and death was a lesson for us all to learn from.

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