Homicides 12 & 13 of 2007: Ruben Doria & Abraham Abrazado

Last weekend in an apartment on South 93rd and Ash Street, twenty-four year old Ruben Doria and another man in his twenties were murdered. Police have yet to release the other man’s name. Reports say they were killed by ‘sharp force injuries’, but have declined to say more.


At this point, there’s not much the police are saying which likely means they have some leads they’re following. What is known is that a week ago Saturday night someone turned the stereo loud in the apartment. Loud enough that two people could be murdered without anyone hearing. And when it was over, the murderer(s) took a red SUV that belonged to one of the victims and ditched it at the Emerald Queen Casino.


Ruben was a graduate of Clover Park High School and had retired from the Air Force after getting a head injury. Friends planned to have a birthday party at The Loft, a trendy club in downtown Tacoma, last week.


A small amount of marijuana was found at the apartment, but it’s unlikely that it has anything to do with the murder. Go into the apartment of just about any given 20-something in Tacoma and you’ll find a small amount of pot, or at least the number of someone who can get some.


Police haven’t said if they know of any possible motive or any possible suspects, but again this can also be a good sign. Often when an investigation is going well, the public is left out of it until it is solved. After all, they are looking for someone who doesn’t want to be found. The last thing they want to do is broadcast what kind of car he might drive in time for him to get rid of it.


When and if the other victim is named, I will post an update with that information.



UPDATE: The second victim has been identified as 22-year-old  Abraham Warren Abrazado. Friends say he went by Warren. No word on any further progress on the investigation. As always, if you knew either of the vicitims, feel free to leave comments about them.


Also what was originally reported as a small amount of marijuana was actually 80-100 plants. For those of you who don’t know that’s not actually that big of a marijuana grow operation. It is unknown at this time if this has anything to do with the deaths of Warren and Ruben.

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