Last Homicide of 2006

On the afternoon of December 11th two men entered the apartment of 33 year old web designer Louis Bernal on Tacoma’s East Side. They were angry over a debt. Mutual friends watched as the argument escalated. Once it got violent people began to leave, some of them report hearing three gunshots. When it was all over Louis Bernal was dead on his apartment floor.

Four days later Tacoma police spotted a 28 year old man who was a suspect in the murder. There was a short chase, followed by a crash. The man ran and police dogs were called out. A police dog found the man hiding in nearby bushes and bit him. He was treated and booked into jail. He and another man have now been charged in the murder. They’ve pleaded not guilty.

Personally I’ve never understood the whole ‘murder for debt’ motive. It’s not like someone can pay them if you kill them. Not to mention it’s best not to kill someone in front of a bunch of people who know you. All in all this murder was as senseless and stupid as most of the homicides this year.

It’s Christmas Eve. And I’m hoping that this will be the last Homicide of the year.

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