Another Open and Shut Homicide

There aren’t a lot of people in the world like Morris Perry.  He was an education specialist at Lakes High School. He worked for the Department of Health and Human Services finding homes for needy children. He taught a parenting class at McNeil Island State Prison. And he was found dead yesterday in his home on South 68th street by his teenage daughter.

Charging papers say Morris Perry was stabbed in neck four or five times with a screwdriver. His accused killer is a transient who was found driving Perry’s car. Perry’s daughter had called her father’s cellphone and the killer answered. She stayed on the phone long enough for the police to find the signal and arrest the man. He has prior convictions for robbery and has more than sixteen known aliases. A career criminal that if convicted will be eligible for the ‘three strikes’ law.

The motive for the killing remains unclear. It may have been a simple robbery. It may have been something else. The suspect is saying that he had a sexual relationship with the victim but he’s also said that he had played pool with the guy. Ultimately a guy with sixteen aliases accused of murder isn’t exactly the most reliable source of information.


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