Red to Black

Last night Tacoma police arrested a man for the three murders two weeks ago. Another suspect is already in custody on an unrelated charge. And a third suspect is still at large. It’s no surprise that this crime has been solved. Though it couldn’t have been easy. Reports say that people were going in and out of that house long after the murders occurred.
There’s a reason drug murders are difficult to solve. Most of the people you need to talk to are drug users, drug dealers, or both. They aren’t reliable and they aren’t the sort of people who tell the truth to cops. Once people found out everyone in that house was dead, the most important thing wasn’t to call the cops. It was to get any drugs or money out of that house as soon as possible.
Like Hunter S. Thompson said, "You can turn your back on a friend but never turn your back on a drug."
So with these murders solved the homicide clearance rate for Tacoma goes straight to 60%.

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