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Third Homicide of 2006

Next week a baby boy in the 3500 block of South M Street would have turned one. Instead, his mother’s boyfriend is in police custody under suspicion of killing the baby. Neighbors say they often heard the baby crying over the past year. It wasn’t until last week that one of the neighbors called the police. This isn’t surprising. Nor is it surprising that nothing stopped the baby from being killed last night.


I’ve lived in most parts of Tacoma in my 31 years in this city and the one thing I’ve noticed is that more often than not, I haven’t known my neighbors and they haven’t known me. Tacoma isn’t the friendliest city in the world. It’s why lately I’ve been going to Seattle to meet new people.


Reading my blog you may get the idea that Tacoma is a place plagued with crime and that the police are useless in this town. This isn’t true. Last year there were sixteen homicides in the city of Tacoma. Twelve of these were solved. That’s a 75% clearance rate. This is above the national average. It means if you kill someone in Tacoma, you’ve got a one in four shot of getting away with it.


On the other side of that, in the outlying Pierce County area there were fifteen murders and all of them were solved. This isn’t the norm. Though Pierce County’s clearance rate has been over 90% since 2003 whereas Tacoma has been between 75% and 86% percent in the same amount of time.


So far this year Tacoma is one for three. I’ll keep posting the homicides and whether or not arrests are made throughout the year. Hopefully I won’t have to do this too many times.



The Pierce County Medical Examiner was unable to find evidence that the baby died from trauma and the man arrested has been set free. At this time they have yet to determine the cause of death. So this may not be a homicide after all.



Second Homicide of 2006

Saturday night 20 year old Lindsy Som went to a party on Tacoma’s East Side with her boyfriend. She hadn’t been out with her friends too much lately and they were happy to see her. Her new boyfriend and 2-year old daughter made hanging out with friends difficult. A little after 2:00am she argued with her boyfriend and left the party on foot running off onto Golden Given Road where she was struck and killed by a white pickup truck that did not stop making Som the second homicide of the year in the city of Tacoma.


I used to live near Golden Given Road. It’s a long straight road on the outskirts of Tacoma with few streetlights and no sidewalks. Given the time of the accident, the odds that the driver of the truck was drunk are good.


 Tacoma-Pierce County Crime Stoppers is offering $1,000 reward for information about the incident. Their number is 253-591-5959

First Homicide of 2006

It took Tacoma six days to kill its first murder victim of 2006. Eighteen-year-old Donald H. George was riding his bicycle down East 40th Street at 2:25am this morning when an uknown gunman shot and killed him. George was taken to St. Joseph’s hospital and was pronounced dead just before 3:00am. Police believe the shooting may be gang related.

The Pierce County Sheriff’s Depertment has a joke about Tacoma: "If you’re shot in Tacoma, crawl your ass out of the city limits so that your murder might be solved." Like all jokes, it’s based on fact. Unless you are killed by a particularly stupid person, the odds of a Tacoma Homicide Detective solving your murder aren’t very good. And if you happen to be unlucky enough to get shot on the East Side in early pre-dawn hours with no witnesses, well, it sucks to be you.

More often than not when a murder is solved in Tacoma it’s because someone confessed or there were so many witnesses that it’s impossible for the guy to get away with it. I don’t know if this is the fault of the police department or not. A few years back an old friend from Elementary School by the name of Tealano Truijio was murdered after he chased down some guys breaking into his car. I asked one of the detectives about the case and he said, "The only persons who’s not a f*cking suspect is the g*ddamn victim." Not surprisingly his murder was never solved.
I’m going to attempt to list every murder in Tacoma this year and whether or not it’s been solved just as an experiment.