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California and the Seventh Homicide of 2006

On February 22, 2006 Beau Pearson  and Dustin Kelley got into an arguement over a car stereo in a travel trailer on South L Street here in Tacoma. The argument ended with Dustin shooting and killing Beau and then leaving the state with his girlfriend. Dustin looks like this:
He calls himself ‘Drama’. Now if you ask me, if you find yourself in a travel trailer on the South Side of Tacoma arguing with ‘Drama’ about a car stereo, you may have made some bad choices in life. I’m not trying to blame the victim, but it’s obvious I’m not the only one who feels this way.
The day after the incident, there were no news articles about the murder. In fact, there was no mention of it at all really until March 3rd when Tacoma Police released this picture.
See, the thing is all men may be created equal, but the media and the cops don’t see all homicides equally. Some guy gets killed in a trailer on the South Side, that’s not as big of a deal to anyone as a young mother found dead in a bathtub.
Speaking of which, they found the car from Pepper Jones’ murder in Redding, California. Still no word on where the husband is.
It turns out that the car wasn’t the only thing hiding out in California. Over this past weekend, Drama and his girlfriend were pulled over and arrested over the weekend in California somewhere outside Bakersfield.
I’m not entirely sure why murder suspects here in the Pacific Northwest decide to go to California. I think it might have something to do with the alternatives being Oregon, which is too much like Washington, Idaho, which is too much like nothing, and Canada, which has a border crossing that can be tricky if you’ve recently killed anyone.
Still, nothing sticks out in California like Washington State plates.
Oh, on another note, I’ve decided to keep this site going with exlcusively Tacoma topics. Everything else will be moved to another site.
Thanks for readings and thanks for the commments and emails.
Sidenote:  Notice I said ‘Drama’ was caught in California with his girlfriend. I have to wonder what exactly it is said girlfriend sees in this guy. Is it the bad mohawk? Is it the tattoo across his NECK? Is it the part where he’s willing to kill over a stereo? What exactly made this girl think this guy is THE ONE? I’m just kinda curious here. What sort of person looks at the above picture and swoons?